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The Metaphysics of Prosperity

Amy Campbell

December 28, 2007

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The Metaphysics of Prosperity

[A guest blog spot by ISS Managing Editor Elaine Foxwell.]

Right now, many of our columnists and writers are offering their comments on the closing of one year and the beginning of another. Many have inspiring words to say about the difficulties and triumphs of the past year, and the hope and promise of a new one. But I often wonder why we have so much emotional attachment to the changing numbers on an artificial construct, i.e., the Gregorian calendar we now observe.
The observance of seasons comes from history, when tribal cultures feared the sun would disappear forever as it sank lower and lower in the sky during the winter months. Then around Winter Solstice (Dec. 21), they noticed the sun began to stay longer in the sky. With the promise of more daylight and warmth came the anticipation of spring, the birth of livestock and fowl, and the end of starvation.
So, are we much further along than that? We like to think so; but in our primal core, maybe not. We need the celebrations that come with the end of year to remind ourselves of the importance of family (tribe) and what we have accomplishedand to anticipate spring sowing (what we want to gain).
Many companies are currently wrapping up their dreaded fiscal reports and setting goals for 2008, which requires tons of work and stress. We all hope for a prosperous New Year: an increase in material wealth, the opening of a new store, or exceeding projected profit goals. But I have a different definition of prosperity, and it isnt tied in with the net-worth, cash-in-the-bank kind. My prosperity includes intangibles such as a close loving family, good health, a career that brings me much satisfaction and the means to help others through participation in community programs.
People in the storage industry are generous and kind. And this time of year, I believe the generosity expands. Whether its simply putting change in the Salvation Army bucket (and giving the eternal bell ringers a smile) or supporting a holiday charity, your bigheartedness spreads this time of year.
And it adds to the metaphysics of prosperity. The goodwill energy expands and leads to other intangibles such as contentment and feelings that all can be right with the world. You can be proud to be part of an industry that helps others who may be struggling to simply survive in these complex times. Each action of kindness brings some measure of peace and prosperity to them and to you.
I like to take the time to really appreciate what the Universe has given methose indefinable feelings of contentment that define my prosperity. May Your New Year be prosperous for you, too.

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