Take Your Comments to the Forum

Amy Campbell, Senior Editor

February 3, 2010

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Take Your Comments to the Forum

One of the benefits of online media is that as soon as stories are posted, readers or viewers have the instant ability to post comments. In fact, comment streams on stories can become stories in themselves, as the reader feedback can span several pages (or seconds of scrolling) while spirited discussions ensue.

However, those who want to comment on content on the Inside Self-Storage website actually have another option beyond the comment field at the end of articles. Nothing against the comments box on ISS—by all means, keep posting there if you like—but you can also visit the industry forum at Self-Storage Talk and start a discussion thread, which you might find is a more interactive experience.

For example, look at this thread. It begins with a poster providing a link and introduction to the article, and the conversation—in agreement and disagreement with the article’s suggestions—takes off from there.

On the forum, unlike in the comments field, you can register to be a part of a community and post your comments at any time on (almost) any subject. You don’t have to wait for your posts to be approved, and discussions can occur in near real time. Threads are always driven by good topics, and what’s a better springboard for discussion than a timely, informative and perhaps even controversial industry-specific article?

Here’s another recent example: This story about a Hawaii facility that may or may not have to throw its tenants on the street inspired this thread.

You do have to register for the forum, but it’s free, and you can create an anonymous username if you like. You also must abide by the site rules, but unless you can’t write a paragraph without using profanity, you shouldn’t have any problems with those.

So, the next time you’d like give feedback on an article or news item, try taking the discussion to Self-Storage Talk. Most of the time, you—the readers—are absorbing our opinions and perspectives. Now, it’s time for us to read what you have to say.

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