Pet Rescue

Amy Campbell, Senior Editor

May 21, 2008

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Pet Rescue

Last year, on Thanksgiving Day, my family grew by one in the form of a 4-year-old, retired Greyhound, adopted from the Fast Dogs/Fast Friends agency. Within a day, this 70-pound racing machine quickly wormed her way into my heart and onto my couch. She embraced retirement with the verve and vigor of a kid given carte blanche in a Baskin-Robbins. Now she works on elevating her favorite pastime, sleeping upside-down, into an art. (Greyhounds are kept in cages when not running). 
Fast forward to Sunday and Phoenix’s first official 100-plus degree day. Dog is smart, she refuses to go out for longer than necessary. Which is why this item in our Self-Storage Talk online forum caught my eye.
In response to a question about most interesting auction finds, one forum member shared this tidbit:
We were doing a walk through one morning and heard a dog barking inside a unit. Some nut job had locked her dog in there because she had just moved to an apartment that wouldn't take pets and she hadn't found a home for him yet. She said she'd move him when she found a home. We told her to get over there immediately and let the dog out or we were cutting her lock. What kind of fool leaves an animal locked in a storage unit?
My point exactly. What kind of fool? Regrettably, there are too many of these idiots out there who will treat their pet with complete thoughtless disregard. They don’t think they’re risking its life by locking it in a potentially too hot (or in winter too cold) room. They don’t think period. Sad to say, many of you out there have stories of finding Fido, Fluffy or Tweety miserable and alone—and hopefully alive—in a unit.
I know it is just one more thing to add to a huge roster of daily activates, but especially during the summer, stay vigilant for our small companions. Saving one of them will surly earn you a place in animal heaven. Got an interesting pet find, send me a comment.

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