Launching a Website That Wont Sink

Amy Campbell, Senior Editor

May 14, 2008

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Launching a Website That Wont Sink

Ah, the Internet ...These days, it’s all about the Web. Without a virtual presence, your business pretty much grinds to a standstill.
The concept of a universal means to promote your product is not new. Shakespeare managed to get endorsed by Elizabeth I, and his plays became the “in” social event of 16th century London. Leap forward to the 21st Century, and Inside Self-Storage is making major inroads into the virtual world. Not only can industry members gain valuable knowledge from the ISS website, but industry members can chat back and in our forum Self-Storage Talk, attend a webinar on a specific topic, or participate in a class at the Self-Storage Training Institute.
Still, as much as this ubiquitous vehicle is in our lives, it is often a baffler how to best use it. I came across this bit of info the other day from “Top 10 Business Web Site Mistakes." Some of the suggestions are common sense, such as not using your cousin Charlie, who has logged a billion hours playing World of Warcraft, to design your website. Other tidbits may not be as well known, however, such as choosing an appropriate domain name. Who would rent from, even though it sounds extremely secure?
I came across another pointer on There are several good suggestions there. And the Small Business Bible offers multiple links to web-design information for everything from corporations to dentists. ISS even has an entire category in its Buyer’s Guide for web-design firms.
These sites and probably a dozen others remind me of one thing: Do your homework and find a professional. For those who are thinking of launching your first website for your small, uberfriendly, neighborhood self-storage business, there is a wealth of help out there—on the Internet of course.

Now, once you are launched, break out that bottle of champagne and strike the bow. And if you have any website-launching stories you’d like to share, click on the "leave a comment" button below.

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