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Amy Campbell, Senior Editor

November 13, 2007

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Keep It Clean

[A guest blog spot by ISS Editor Drew Whitney.]

I just returned from a trip to Florida and a visit to a self-storage facility where my mother-in-law stored her belongings. While rifling through her unit and moving things around, one of my kids, naturally, had to use the bathroom. No problem, well just ask to use a restroom.

I tapped gently on the office door but there was no answer, so I entered slowly with a Hello? I was greeted by the smell of stale smoke, lingering in the air. I really wasnt sure if anyone was around, but judging by the reek and disheveled look of the place, someone definitely lived here, somewhere.

I called louder: Hello? From behind a curtain, a middle-aged woman appeared with a smile, happy to help. She directed us to the restroom, just on the other side of the building. Great, I thought.

Once inside it, though, I could only think of the countless articles Ive read and edited about keeping a storage site in shipshape, ready for visitors, primed to invite their business. Obviously, the manager wasnt a reader of our magazine! Not that she had to be, because keeping a public business clean seems like a no-brainer. Who wants to use a restroom that looks like a dilapidated truck stop?

When I returned to the office to settle the rent, the manager was just as I left her, smiling, which is certainly welcoming. She offered my daughter some of her candy that everyone loves, and even extras for her brothers outside. She directed us to the cooler in the corner, and we helped ourselves to a tall cup of icy cold water.

We dont have much, said the manager, but we like to think of ourselves as tenant-friendly.

I certainly left with that very impression: that she was friendly. But the lingering memory was that of a pigsty. I felt I needed to wash my hands again after washing in the restroom. I felt I needed to shower to rid the stench of smoke after standing inside the building. The candy and water were good, but not enough to bring tenants in and out of the office to sign rental agreements.

It really doesnt need to cost a mint to make a place look like one. Just keep it tidy. Blow smoke out the backdoor, if necessary. And for goodness sake, keep the restroom neat. For those reading this blog, I may just be preaching to the choir. You may already know the value of sending the right message to visitors. If not, click onto some of our archived articles on cleaning, upkeep or maintenance for starters. Then remember to keep it clean, always.

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