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ICE Buildup

Amy Campbell

December 21, 2007

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ICE Buildup

[A guest blog spot by ISS Editor Drew Whitney.]

Several months ago, columnist/consultant Jim Chiswell wrote about a new emergency-contact idea known as ICE (In Case of Emergency). The campaign is catching on and is worth repeating, which is why I received an e-mail through a local parent Google group explaining ICE benefits. Now Im compelled to encourage you to pass the message/idea onto your family, friends, associates, tenants, etc., if you havent done so already.
The ICE campaign is the brainchild of a paramedic who often tended to accident victims and, upon locating their cell phones and contact info stored within, became frustrated because he never knew the next of kin or whom to call first in case of an emergency. So, if everyone stored a phone number under the acronym ICE, service personnel and hospital staff would be able to quickly contact the right person by simply dialing the number stored as ICE in the personal cell-phone contact list.
If you have several people youd like contacted, store them as ICE1, ICE2, ICE3 and so on. It's easy and so helpful for you and paramedics. Its also reassuring to family members to know theyll be informed immediately should a need arise.
It doesnt cost a thing for this reassurancejust a few moments to store phone numbers in our cell phones and another few to spread the word. Im doing my part. Take a minute and do yours. Consider it a small (but very big) gift shared during the holiday season and beyond.
Merriness to all!

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