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Consequences for Bad Behavior

Amy Campbell

November 19, 2008

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Consequences for Bad Behavior

If you've ever raised kids, you know what it's like to deal with irrational and irresponsible behavior.

"I can't wear those socks. They're the lumpy ones I used for collecting dirt."

"I'm too tired to clean up. Let's go to the park and play instead."

"I didn't have time to finish my homework last night because I was playing video games. Can you drive me to school if I miss the bus?"

When things spiral out of control, we send smart-alec children to their rooms and maybe give them extra chores as consequences, especially if their lousy behavior takes us away from a task at hand.

Don't you wish you could treat irrational or inappropriate self-storage customers the same way?

"Mr. Smith, I see that you've left trash in the hallway. Therefore, I'm going to expect you to sweep the office and all the hallways as a consequence."

"Mrs. Jones, you've forgotten to lock your unit again. I'm going to have to restrict you from using your unit for a month with the hope that you'll learn a lesson in responsibility."

Naturally, the law restricts what consequences business owners can impose on clientele. Hence, you may not be allowed to hand Mr. Smith a broom, but you can hand him an invoice with a late fee included if he ever ignores paying his rent.  

As a parent, I'm big on consequences. I need to run a tight ship and don't like it when we get off course. It wastes my time and takes me away from other things I'd like to get done. I feel justified if my kids have to pay me back for my time and angst by shouldering more responsibility.

Not sure how to crack the whip or what fees you can impose as consequences to your tenants? You can check the ISS archives, but I'd suggest starting this with one, "What Other Fees Can I Charge?"

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