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Wrought-Iron Security Fencing: A Stylish Asset for Any Self-Storage Business

Are you thinking about installing security fencing to safeguard your self-storage property from thieves, vandals and other trespassers? Consider the following reasons to choose a wrought iron fence.

As self-storage businesses seek to protect their bottom lines, it’s crucial that they take steps to ensure security for their property, customers and employees. However, most businesses must balance the need for security with the need to maintain an inviting appearance for potential customers. Therefore, installing unattractive, ominous-looking security fencing isn’t a desirable option. Fortunately, wrought iron fencing strikes an ideal balance between protection, curb appeal and long-term value, making it an excellent investment for businesses with various needs and goals.

Are you thinking about installing security fencing to safeguard your business property from thieves, vandals and other trespassers? Consider the following reasons to choose a wrought iron fence.

Timeless beauty. The exterior of your property reflects your brand and is often one of the first impressions prospective customers have of your business. Therefore, it’s crucial that all elements of the facility look appealing—even commonly overlooked features like fencing. As opposed to other types of fencing materials, wrought iron boasts a natural elegance that has been admired for centuries.

It may even be painted with a variety of colors and finishes. Due to its malleability, it may be shaped to suit the unique style of any property. For example, the style of wrought iron fences can range from simple and contemporary to ornate and decorative.

Superior durability. Wrought iron is highly durable compared to other common fencing materials, such as wood or aluminum. This natural strength enables the wrought iron to resist bending or breaking, making it a formidable barrier to trespassers. In addition, the pickets of a wrought iron fence are nearly impossible to remove, so intruders can’t enter the property by squeezing between them. Therefore, these fences—particularly when paired with wrought iron gates—serve as effective security measures for businesses. Aside from enabling businesses to protect their assets, wrought iron fences can help them minimize liability by keeping employees, customers and visitors safe from external threats.

Positive return on investment. The bottom line is a constant concern for any business, so major purchases must be considered in terms of the long-term value they’ll deliver. Wrought iron fencing promises a strong return on investment due to its natural durability. To further extend the lifespan of the wrought iron, this sturdy material may be galvanized or sealed with a protective zinc coating to shield against rust.

Galvanized wrought iron products will remain in prime condition for years to come—even when exposed to intense sunlight, rain, snow and other harsh conditions. By choosing a high-quality, galvanized wrought iron fence to enclose their properties, self-storage businesses won’t have to spend money on repairing or replacing the fence for many years.

Wrought iron fences offer a powerful way to enhance the beauty and security of any commercial property, while assuring storage owners that they’re making a sound investment. However, as with any capital expenditure, it’s important to work with a qualified professional when purchasing a wrought iron security fence.

Located in Phoenix, DCS Industries has more than a decade of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing custom wrought iron fences and gates for commercial, industrial and residential properties. The company works closely with its customers to ensure that the finished product fulfills their needs and complements the property’s style. For more information, call 623.825.7700; visit

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