This issue of Inside Self-Storage focuses on construction and developmenta sizzling industry topic. Easily half the inquiries we receive are about choosing a storage site, buying land or facilities, and constructing new buildings. The process is chock-a-block with potential pitfalls and tough decisions. Fortunately, ISS offers a wealth of resources for anyone embroiled in the research phase of a project.

First, you have this magazine. Every September issue is packed with articles by top industry experts. You can consult past issues by visiting www.insideselfstorage.comand searching the archive. For your convenience, weve pre-arranged articles by topic: Scroll down the left side of the ISS home page and select the Construction and Development categories.

If youre looking for pack-and-go resources to keep in your office or take on trips, look to our Self-Storage Training Institute ( for several options:

  • Construction: An Industry on the Build, a 33-page e-book addressing the essentials of self-storage construction, including how to choose a contractor/construction team and the overall building process. Youll learn the top 10 mistakes to avoid, site planning and unit mix, and details of multistory storage and conversions. Youll also read about choosing building components, with a special section on boat/RV storage.
  • Development: Making the Right Investment will help you decide if storage is the business for you. This 34-page e-book walks you through the development processunderstanding industry potential, site selection, analyzing possible returns. Youll read about feasibility, due diligence and mixed-use development. Youll also learn the pros and cons of acquiring an existing site vs. building from scratch.
  • Avoiding Pitfalls in Self-Storage Construction is a 90-minute audio-cast on dodging potential disasters during construction: dealing with poor site selection, zoning issues, errors in site layout, construction and phasing issues, pre-marketing mistakes and more.

Finally, theres the Developers Seminar, which takes place twice a year in tandem with the ISS Expo. Industry expert RK Kliebenstein and others share their knowledge of site selection, feasibility, construction and site management. Theyll give you the know-how to get started. The next seminar runs with the ISS Vegas Expo, the industrys largest trade event of the year, Feb. 20-23, 2007.

With all these fantastic resources at your fingertips, youre sure to make sound decisions and avoid bad investments.

Happy building!

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