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Late2Lien Releases Automated System for the Self-Storage Late to Lien-Sale Process

Late2Lien LLC has released a new system that automates the late through lien-sale process for self-storage operators.

Late2Lien LLC has released a new system that automates the late through lien-sale process for self-storage operators. Late2Lien automates the process of properly completing and sending late and lien notices to self-storage tenants and provides verifiable service and tracking of each step throughout the process. The tool is available at a per-use-cost to any operator.

There is more to compliance than simply mailing a default notice when your occupant is late, said Jeffrey Greenberger, owner of Late2Lien and a partner in the law firm of Katz, Greenberger & Norton LLP in Cincinnati. Every states default notice must contain accurate information and particular time calculations, and must be delivered to the occupant and others in compliance with the statute. Late2Lien performs all of these critical functions with little involvement from the operator or staff.

Late2Lien automatically monitors tenant lists for delinquencies while it generates, tracks and provides the accountable history of the required notices according to each statute timeline and parameters. The system also checks for military status, handles all returned mail processing, provides required mailings to all contacts and/or lien holders, and automates advertising in compliant publications. All the information is securely stored and accessible 24/7 through the Late2Lien cloud-based portal.

Late2Lien integrates with popular self-storage software programs including SiteLink Web Edition, created by SMD Software Inc.

Late2Liens automated feature can reduce the amount of units going to the lien process at a lower cost, said Markus Hecker, chief operating officer for SMD. The direct integration between SiteLink and Late2Lien eliminates transcription errors and improves accuracy on critical tenant notifications.

Late2Lien will participate in the SiteLink User Conference in Las Vegas on April 2. It will also exhibit on April 3 and 4 at the Inside Self-Storage World Expo in Las Vegas, where the company can be found in booth #210. Greenberger will present two seminars as part of the expo's education program as well as a four-hour Legal Learning Live workshop. The expo will take place at the Paris Hotel & Resort. Show details can be found at

Based in Cincinnati, Late2Lien provides a turnkey solution for automating the self-storage late through lien-sale process. The Late2Lien engine is powered by the requirements, timelines and processes outlined in each state statute.

SMD provides SiteLink property-management software for self-storage and portable-storage operations. Established in 1996, the company has more than 6,500 installations worldwide.

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