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The Power of Blogs

What do you call it when the subject of a writing or conversation is the writing or conversation itself? I forget. At any rate, today's blog post is aboutta da!blogs. But not just any blogs, self-storage blogs, as one was highlighted in today's news.


A release that went out on PR Web this morning identifies Tron Jordheim's blog as a testament to the fact that blogs have real power in fueling niche-business communication. Now, I'm not entirely certain where this release initiated (and I wouldn't be entirely surprised to find its roots in PhoneSmart itself), but it just goes to prove an important point:


It isn't difficult to be noticed on the Internet!


All you self-storage operators out there should be harnessing the "power of cheese" (as I now like to call it) to publicize your businesses. Start your own blog and share information about your facilities with customers and the world at large. It's not difficult to doservices like,,, and many more make it ridiculously simple to become a blogger.


These days, people increasingly turn to the web for their daily doses of news; and many subscribe to services like Bloglines to read what other people are saying about things that interest them. Take advantage of this new tool before your competitor does. If you think it doesn't matter, guess again. And you don't need to be computer savvy either.


Actually, it's kind of wild how it works. I did a blog search through Yahoo! today and stumbled across a great article I never would have found except some guy in Montreal put a link to it in his blog. While you're here, you should read this story of Turan Kalfa, the man behind the Depotium self-storage business of Canada. It's a real "pull yourself up by the bootstraps" kind of tale. I like that.



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