Yonkers, NY, Approves Mixed-Use Complex, Self-Storage in Retail Corridors

Update 6/18/18 – The Yonkers City Council has approved a provision that will allow self-storage into its retail corridors. Officials also approved the rezoning application that will allow the mixed-use project to move forward on Central Park Avenue. Excavation work by 1969 Central Avenue Corp. is already underway, according to the source.

The developer has also submitted its site plan to the planning board. The final design of the building and parking lot must still be approved. The retail component on the ground floor of the self-storage facility doesn’t need to be storage-related, the source reported.

The provision to allow self-storage into the city’s retail corridors means other developments could be eligible along Central Park Avenue as well as South Broadway.

5/11/18 – Self-storage developer 1969 Central Avenue Corp. has proposed a mixed-use project for the same address in Yonkers, N.Y., that would include 49,420 square feet of storage space above 11,440 square feet of ground-floor retail. The site near Heights Drive is currently vacant. The property would include 104 parking spaces for shoppers and storage tenants, according to the source.

The application comes at a time when city officials are considering a zoning change to allow self-storage development in retail corridors as long as projects include retail on the ground floor. In its submission, the developer urged the city to move forward with the change.

"Self-storage/mini-storage in recent years has transformed from a traditional industrial type business to a more service/retail-oriented business similar to other business types allowable in the Central Park Avenue commercial corridor," company officials wrote in their application.

The planning board was scheduled to review the proposal on Wednesday, the source reported.

Lohud, Yonkers Approves Self-Storage in Retail Areas
Lohud, Yonkers Gets Self-Storage-Retail Hybrid Proposal

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