The Self-Storage ‘Lien Hearing’: What It Is And What to Do When a Tenant Requests One


When a self-storage tenant fails to pay their monthly rent, the facility operator has a legal remedy they can invoke to address the problem: the state’s lien law. By following the process correctly, the business owner can recoup lost revenue and regain the space. However, even when lien-sale protocols are followed meticulously, complications can arise. For example, the defaulting tenant might push back and demand a lien hearing to state their case and possibly stay the sale.

Do you understand what a lien hearing is, how it works and what to do if a customer requests one? In this thread on Self-Storage Talk, the industry’s largest online community, members are sharing what they know, how they’d react, and whether their lien letters and rental agreements address the topic. Read their advice and share your own experience with this type of legal appeal.

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