When a Tenant Spends a Little Too Much Time at Your Self-Storage Property: Curtailing Excessive Facility Access

May 29, 2024

1 Min Read

Most of your self-storage tenants only visit their unit when necessary. Some might stop by weekly to add or retrieve items. Others will move in, then not step foot on your property again until they vacate. But then there are those lingerers. You know, the ones who really like to hang around at the property—perhaps a little too much. There are any number of reasons why they might do this. They might be experiencing homelessness, running a business out of the space or spending time with a precious collection. For whatever reason, they visit often and stay a long time, sometimes stopping by the office or using your restroom.

They aren’t doing anything wrong per se; they just always seem to be hanging around. It’s a behavior most facility operators would like to curtail, but how do you manage it, especially without awkward confrontations? Your rental agreement can be the secret weapon! Find out how in this recent thread on the Self-Storage Talk online community, where members are sharing their approach to facility access. Jump on into the discussion!

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