California Self Storage Association Releases Legislative Update

July 10, 2024

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The California Self Storage Association (CSSA) announced updates on three legislative issues that affect the industry in the state. They pertain to the Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA), Proposition (Prop) 47 and Senate Bill (SB) 1116, according to a July 3 newsletter sent from the association to its members.

Passed in 2004, PAGA allows aggrieved employees to file lawsuits against their employers for California Labor Code violations and recover civil penalties on their own behalf or that of other employees or the state. Legislation has now been passed to replace PAGA with alternative enforcement mechanisms. It ensures that 100% of penalties go to workers and speeds up recovery of wages and penalties. It also doubles penalties in cases where employers willfully violate the law.

The reform was born out of a combination of Assembly Bill 2288, authored by Assembly Member Ash Kalra, and SB 92, written by Senator Tom Umberg. Governor Newsom signed it into law on July 1. The change came after months of discussions among labor advocates, the Fix PAGA coalition, social-justice advocates, family farmers, and healthcare providers and businesses.

CSSA is also working to reform Prop 47, the Homelessness, Drug Addiction and Theft Reduction Act of 2014. It’s supporting Californians for Safer Community, a bipartisan coalition of small businesses, public-safety organizations, elected officials, victim-advocacy groups and residents who are collecting signatures to qualify the measure for the 2024 general election in November. In addition to targeting organized and serial retail theft, the act aims to confront the fentanyl crisis, and prioritizes mental health and drug treatment.

CSSA also effectively opposed SB 1116, which failed to advance in committee. The law would’ve increased unemployment-insurance (UI) taxes to subsidize striking workers, thereby forcing employers to subsidize strikes and increasing their debt. CSSA joined Govern for California Network, a coalition of dozens of organizations and businesses, to halt progress of the bill.

CSSA is a nonprofit trade association dedicated to supporting the self-storage industry in California. The group offers educational events, networking opportunities, legislative advocacy and more.

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