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Learn to Leverage Private Money in This New Self-Storage Investor Course

Learn to Leverage Private Money in This New Self-Storage Investor Course

Savvy self-storage investors are tapping into the more than $32 billion that’s now on offer in the market from private lenders. If you want to get in on that action, don’t miss our new 19-part video course, “Finding Private Money.” Produced by Scott Meyers, who owns self-storage facilities through Kingdom Storage Holdings and operates the Self Storage Investing online platform, the program will teach you to evaluate acquisitions as well as how to structure and fund deals. It includes:

  • Part 1: How to Make BIG Money in Self-Storage [6 Videos]
  • Part 2: The Private Money Summit [13 Videos]
  • Valuator Analysis Software

Part 1 offers nearly three hours of education, with sessions addressing why self-storage is a smart investment, how to analyze potential purchases, funding options, mistakes to avoid, critical steps for success, and a real-life case study. Part 2 offers nearly 19 hours of expert insight. It teaches the basics of evaluating potential deals and explains how Meyers and his team secured seven-figure investment from private capital to help fuel their own self-storage ventures. The videos go in-depth on how to source capital, covering topics like crowdfunding, private retirement accounts, lenders, self-directed 401(k) and more. The package also includes access to Meyers’ Valuator software, which allows you to analyze potential acquisitions and make realistic projections.

Learn to structure and fund self-storage deals through the power of private funding! Visit the ISS Store for full product details.

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