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Inside Self-Storage Roadshow Speakers

2023 Inside Self-Storage Roadshow Speaker Lineup

Melissa-Anderson-150x186.pngMelissa Anderson, Account Executive, Forge Building Co. 
Melissa Anderson has built her career in the construction industry over the past 20 years. In 2021, she joined Forge Building Co. as an account executive and fell in love with the self-storage industry. She passionately helps owners, investors, developers and general contractors with their developments. She has an astute understanding of best building practices, key design considerations and potential potholes to look for during a project.

David Baca, Architect, BACA David-Baca-150x186.png
David Baca, AIA is the principal of BACA, a Texas-based architecture firm, and has more than a quarter-century of architecture experience with an emphasis in Storage design. He has designed some of the most iconic facilities in Texas that have become local landmarks in their own right and has worked on some extremely challenging and complex sites. He believes in the power of good design to enhance the user experience and the local environment.

Rick-Beal-150x186.pngRick Beal, Co-Founder, Atomic Storage Group
Rick Beal is a founding member of Atomic Storage Group, a third-party management company that also offers facility auditing, feasibility and consulting services. Rick is a frequent contributor of industry-related articles and blogs. He’s also been a regular speaker and panel expert at industry events, providing his perspective on self-storage investment opportunities and operation.

Jeff-Bouchard-150x186.pngJeff Bouchard, Regional Sales Manager, Trachte Building Systems
Jeff Bouchard is regional sales manager for Trachte Building Systems, where he’s responsible for serving customers in the Central U.S. Having been with the company since 1999, Jeff has experience in manufacturing, customer service and sales, with a solid track record of helping customers through the process of designing and building successful self-storage facilities.

Dallas Cothrum 150x186.pngDallas Cothrum, President, Masterplan
Dallas Cothrum is the president of Masterplan, a Milrose company and 40-year-old, Dallas-based firm that has helped more than 100 self-storage operators obtain neighborhood and city approvals for their projects. An expert in land use, lobbying, permitting and zoning, he represents clients ranging from schools and public agencies to billion-dollar companies. His company’s team of consultants has a track record of creating success for these customers.

Jeffrey Greenberger, Partner, Greenberger & Brewer LLPJeff-Greenberger-150x186.pngJeffrey Greenberger is a partner in the law firm of Greenberger & Brewer LLP, where he concentrates his practice in commercial real estate, with a particular focus on self-storage. Jeff designs and implements legal procedures, policies and other operational best practices, with an emphasis on litigation and liability. A featured speaker at industry tradeshows, Jeff also operates Late2Lien, an automated solution, with a 50-state compliance library for the completion, proper mailing, return processing and archiving of late and lien notices.

Nelson-Hendrix-150x186.pngNelson Hendrix, Sales Representative - R3 Division, Janus International Group
Nelson Hendrix is a sales representative in the R3 Division of Janus International Group. He began his self-storage career 17 years ago as a field technician, which greatly enhanced his knowledge of the technical aspects of construction. He then moved into sales, selling door and hallway components. He’s worked on new construction as well as replacement and retrofit projects. In January 2021 he took over the Central U.S. territory for R3.

Jamie-Lindau-150x186.pngJamie Lindau, Self Storage Product Manager, Trachte Building Systems
Jamie Lindau, self-storage product manager for Trachte Building Systems, has more than 37 years of experience in building and consulting. He also owns self-storage facilities. During his career, he’s helped more than 1,700 owners with the acquisition and design of their sites. Jamie is a regular contributor to the ISS brand and other industry publications. He has also conducted more than 310 development seminars for Trachte since 1987.

Magen-Smith-150x186.pngMagen Smith, Co-Founder, Atomic Storage Group
Magen Smith is a co-founder of Atomic Storage Group, a self-storage management company, and owner of Magen Smith CPA, an outsourced accounting department for the self-storage industry. She’s also the owner of multiple conversion projects and runs Atomic’s development division. Magen is a frequent speaker at industry events and author of industry-related articles. Her passions include helping owners improve their business, teaching asset management and conducting self-storage audits.

Peter-Stuhlreyer -150x186.pngPeter Stuhlreyer, Chief Architect and Owner, Designhaus LLC
Peter Stuhlreyer is chief architect for Designhaus LLC, an Auburn Hills, Michigan-based firm he founded in 1998. A 1994 graduate from the University of Cincinnati, Peter spent his early career in New York City. He’s since been the architect on more than half a billion dollars’ worth of multi-disciplinary construction. His philosophy is that our shared quality of life is directly influenced by our built environment, ensuring unique, successful and high-quality projects wherever they may be.