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The FACTBOOK trial begins ...

On a personal level, October is my favorite month. Ironicallyand perhaps appropriatelyit is the most anxiety-producing time of year when it comes to this job, thanks to one of our most ambitious annual projects: the Inside Self-Storage FACTBOOK, which officially entered print production three days ago.

This book is a constant work in progress, expanding little by little from its inception in December through to its November publication every year. The whole process culminates in a two-week design frenzy that taxes the body, wearies the soul and wreaks havoc on our coffee machines! But it's all worthwhile when we get to our ISS Expos and readers visit our booth to tell us what a fabulous reference guide we've produced. Yeah, that feels good.

If you want to learn more about the FACTBOOK or pre-order your 2007 copy, check out this page. If you order by Oct. 27th, you're going to get 20 percent off the standard price. And that's no trick!

No, I don't expect you to care about the paltry woes of life in the publishing world. I just thought I'd shed some light on why the blog's a little quiet these days. Anyway, it's not just that: We are in the throes of a VERY distracting season!

While Arizona can't begin to match the beauty of fall-time New England, which I had the pleasure of experiencing for 23 years, it's still such a savory transition to go from steamy hot to slightly brisk. People start displaying their pumpkins, styrofoam tombstones and inflatable spiders on their lawns ... Everywhere you go, there's cider and fresh produce and chocolate! Whew! It's tough to focus on self-storage when we're THIS CLOSE to the biggest costume event of the year! Wooohooooo!

Since it's Friday, let's do something fun: Guess which costume I've chosen this year, and I'll set you up with a free trial subscription to Inside Self-Storage magazine. If you're already a subscriber, I'll add three free issues to your current subscription. Tell me THAT ain't a treat!


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