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Green Storage Facility Opens in Gila River Indian Community

Article-Green Storage Facility Opens in Gila River Indian Community

Next week, the Gila River Indian Community in Arizona will see the opening of Pecos Storage, a 28-acre self-storage complex that incorporates many “green” features. In addition to providing space for residential, commercial, vehicle and RV storage, the site makes use of eco-asphalt―recycled asphalt mixed with pitch―and recycled, fire-rated shipping containers that were retrofitted with doors. The 10-foot perimeter wall was made of waste concrete that was poured into 3,800-pound “bricks.”
Located at 32nd Street and Pecos Road, the facility is the five-year brainchild of Rande Leonard, who said he is the first to build a business in this community. The Ahwatukee Foothills resident worked with the families who control the land to arrange 60-year leases, and with the city of Phoenix to expand the traffic signals at the intersection.
Leonard said he’s willing to work with anyone who has special storage needs. A U-Haul truck-rental service will also be added to the site.
Source: Ahwatukee Foothills News, ‘Green' storage facility opens

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