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Concrete Fail at Megacenter Self Storage Construction Site Damages Uber Vehicle

An Uber driver’s car was damaged on Aug. 5 when wet concrete fell from a high building at the Mega Center Self Storage and Office Suites construction site in Miami. The driver and mother/daughter passengers Julie Crawford and Lexi Gaddy were approaching a stoplight at Fourth Avenue, between Seventh and Eighth Streets, in the Little Havana neighborhood when concrete suddenly covered the black Acura TSX, denting the roof and crashing through the front-passenger and back windows. No one was injured, according to the source.

“We just heard a huge crash and felt stuff all over us,” Crawford said.

A cylinder form used to pour concrete collapsed on the 13th floor of the building and spilled over safety netting that had been installed on the ninth floor. “During a pour of columns at high roof, one of the column forms, which is a Sonotube—basically a cardboard round form—failed due to the persistent rain while we were in the pouring process,” according to a statement from Enrique J. Hernandez, an operations manager for South Florida Construction Solution Inc., a Hialeah, Fla.-based construction company involved in the project. A sign at the self-storage site lists Coral Gables, Fla., firm Bec Group Services Inc. as the general contractor, the source reported.

Unsure if the entire building was about to collapse, Gaddy asked the driver to unlock the doors and encouraged her mother to jump out of the car. As they exited the vehicle, concrete splashed on their shoes and hair and filled a purse, the source reported.

Gaddy, who recently moved to Florida, was shaken but grateful to be alive. “We're fine. It's just a crazy story to tell.”

The driver said he has worked with Uber for about four years. “We have been in touch with all parties involved in the accident to check on their well-being and are thankful no one was injured,” said Uber Spokesperson Carly Debeikes.

Megacenter is a subsidiary of Red Megacentro, an owner of mixed-use properties containing self-storage, office suites, retail, showrooms and warehouse space. The company operates more than 40 locations in Chile, Peru, South Florida and Texas.

Local 10 News, Wet Concrete Falls From Building on Uber Driver's Car in Miami



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