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Woodland, WA, Council Votes to Prohibit New Self-Storage Facilities

The Woodland, Wash., City Council voted unanimously this week to prohibit new self-storage development within city limits. As its reasons, the board pointed to a surplus of storage facilities in the area and a desire to attract businesses that provide more jobs and foot traffic, according to the source.

The city previously prohibited new self-storage construction in its central business and residential zones. Existing facilities as well as one project under development will be unaffected by the change. The council has the option to revisit the decision at any time, the source reported.

A November 2019 report showed the city has six storage facilities within city limits and six more within a half-mile. Staff determined Woodland contains more than 2,300 storage units or spaces in or near it, which exceeds its number of households.

The resolution also noted that self-storage “may have large areas of undifferentiated wall space” that clash with surrounding structures. They also don’t contribute to the “economic vibrancy” of their surroundings, the source reported.

“We’re trying to do our best to keep our community viable and keep our citizens happy,” said councilmember Janice Graham.

The goal of the city’s comprehensive plan is 20 jobs per acre in commercial areas and four in industrial zones, according to the report. Although Mayor Will Finn called self-storage facilities “huge moneymakers,” he said the council needed to consider the benefits to the community. “We said we’re going to pause this type of business for a while.”

The Daily News, Woodland Council Votes to Prohibit New Self-Storage Facilities

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