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Red-Carpet Treatment: Welcoming and Communicating With Your New Self-Storage Tenants

Giving Your New Self-Storage Tenants the Red-Carpet Treatment
Once a prospect becomes a renter at your self-storage facility, you should make them feel welcome and open a clear line of communication. This is the way to positive reviews, referrals and long-term tenancy! The following advice will help you prepare the customer for move-in and ensure a good relationship.

Reprinted with permission from StoragePug.

So, your self-storage sales lead has become a paying tenant. They’ve rented their unit, and their move-in date is scheduled. Maybe it’s even happening right now. But that doesn’t mean you’re done!

Knowing what information to share with your new customer is an important step in the process. Yes, you’ve closed the deal; but it’ll take open, ongoing communication to create a good relationship and keep them as a happy self-storage tenant. Consider these tips to make them feel welcome and create a positive foundation for their stay.


Before we talk about tangible tips, let’s look at some quick guidelines for communicating with your new self-storage customer:

  • Send them information that’s important for them to know.
  • Send it via the method they’re most likely to see/read.
  • Send this information when they actually need it, not too soon or too late.
  • Don’t send too much information at once.
  • Don’t send long-winded messages customers are likely to ignore.

Remember, today’s consumers are constantly bombarded with emails and texts, so keep your messages short and sweet. This way your customers are more likely to actually read what you send! You can also keep track of and even automate a lot of these steps using your self-storage management software. Now, let’s look at the types of things to communicate to your new renters.


First and foremost, make sure your new renter understands the details of the self-storage lease they signed. The truth is they probably won’t read it—at least, not entirely. Even if they do, what are the chances that they’ll be able to recognize the most important parts among the rest? Or that they’ll understand all the terms and clauses? Identify the most crucial points for them to know and summarize them in a text or email.

After the move-in date is scheduled, make sure the customer knows what to expect. At a minimum, they should know the property address, how to access the facility and their unit number. If there’s anything else they need to know or other tasks they need to complete when they arrive on site, make that clear. Send the details in a text message the day before move-in. This way, they have plenty of time to prepare but not enough time to forget or lose the message.

Finally, if your self-storage facility has a mobile app or online portal, make sure your new tenant is aware of it. This is especially important if the app is used to access the gate or unit, but it’ll also be helpful for the renter to know if it features wayfinding, payment options, account management and other conveniences.

The Welcome Package

Make your new self-storage tenant feel at home and appreciated by putting a welcome package in their unit before they arrive. This might be a little gift bag or basket filled with special offers from local businesses and other useful information. For example, it might include a coupon for a local mover or pizza restaurant. If they’ve just moved to the area, include a locals’ guide from the chamber of commerce. If your facility prints up promotional items such as pens, coasters or keychains, include those, too. The effort will be appreciated.

Review Requests

Online customer reviews are incredibly important for your self-storage business, and collecting them should be part of your new-rental process. Many prospects will read them before they contact you to get an idea of what to expect from your company. Once someone becomes a satisfied tenant, ask them to write a review for you! You can even automate these requests using your facility-management software.

Once your self-storage prospect becomes a paying tenant, make sure they’re well-informed about your property and its rules. Clear communication with your new customer will make them feel welcome and generally good about doing business with your company. Establishing this positive relationship will reap business benefits for the months (possibly years) that they stay with you. This is the way to positive reviews, referrals and perhaps even repeat business!

Robert Priester is a content writer at StoragePug, a Knoxville, Tennessee-based software company that helps self-storage operators attract new leads, convert them to paying tenants and rent units online. He enjoys creative problem-solving and writing content that’s informative and interesting. For more information, call 865.240.0295.

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