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U-Haul Introduces Self-Storage ‘Scan & Go’ Technology in Response to COVID-19

Article-U-Haul Introduces Self-Storage ‘Scan & Go’ Technology in Response to COVID-19

Phoenix-based U-Haul International Inc., which operates more than 1,500 self-storage facilities across North America, is introducing contact-free shopping technology across its Canada and U.S. properties in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The company’s new Scan & Go system will allow self-storage tenants to use their own mobile device to scan products when they shop inside U-Haul retail showrooms and then check out without having to interact with staff, according to a press release.

In an effort to promote social distancing, the mobile-app system functions similarly to the one the company uses for its 24-hour truck-rental service. Customers can use it to scan products, such as moving boxes and supplies, learn about each, and add items to their digital shopping cart. They can also pay for items directly through the app.

“We continue to transform our business to keep up with the latest customer trends and demands,” said Sam Cocchi, retail sales program manager.

The Scan & Go app is available for download through Android and Apple app stores. It’s intended as an optional alternative to traditional, in-store checkout as well as online ordering and delivery, the release stated.

Established in 1945, U-Haul operates more than 60.7 million square feet of storage space in North America.

AJ News, Contactless Shopping: U-Haul Introduces Scan & Go Self-Checkout

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