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Zapt Startup Offers On-Demand Moving/Delivery Platform for Consumers, Businesses

On Demand Technologies Inc. has launched Zapt, an online platform that helps consumers and businesses coordinate, schedule and purchase moving, relocation and delivery services. The platform links customers with vetted, professional providers. While the service is primarily targeted at consumers, Zapt for Business offers logistics solutions to home-staging companies, realtors, retailers, self-storage operators and senior-living planners.

Self-storage operators could conceivably use the platform to offer “on-demand” services to their tenants, such as the moving belongings to or from the storage property or delivering items upon request, based on information in a company press release. The offering would be similar to that provided by the many valet-style startups that have entered the storage marketplace in recent years.

The platform offers customers flat-rate pricing, notifications and tracking, as well as live-agent support. Users can select the exact date and time they wish to have their task completed. Those who experience a delay can reschedule without penalty, the release stated.

“Unlike many Uber for X startups in the on-demand space, Zapt has taken a unique hybrid approach by combining a completely tech-enabled digital customer experience, with hyper-local operations and 24/7 live customer service,” said Bill Catania, CEO. “We had thousands of conversations with consumers, and they expressed the need for more human contact than traditional ‘app-only’ solutions that are in the marketplace today. We have removed the hassle from the entire booking process and given control back to the consumer.”

The commercial business module is executed through “specialized, standalone client apps, as well as with a completely embedded solution within its client’s digital ecosystem and workflow,” officials said in the release.

Zapt is available in Baton Rouge, La.; Central New Jersey; Charlotte and Raleigh, N.C.; and Orlando, Fla., with additional markets expected to be added throughout the year. Subsidiary On Demand Logistics Services has operated Move 24/7, a similar platform service in Des Moines, Iowa, since 2016.

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