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Drag Queen Incident Sparks Debate Among Self-Storage Managers

Article-Drag Queen Incident Sparks Debate Among Self-Storage Managers

A Self-Storage Talk member wonders about a tenant who makes a habit of walking onto the property as a man, visiting his unit, and leaving the facility dressed like a woman.

One manager started a Self-Storage Talk thread with a unique question, to say the least. He's wondering about a tenant who makes a habit of walking onto the property as a man, visiting his unit, and leaving the facility dressed like a woman.

The thread-starter, hurlco, wants to reserve moral and social judgment, but he has customers threatening to move out if they see the guy one more time. As Hurlco gathered more information on the situation, he learned the tenant is involved in an ongoing drag show, meaning he's likely using the unit to change into his work attire. 

Hurlco is looking for a solution, whether it's to evict the guy for violating terms of his lease (i.e. by inhabiting a unit or loitering), to not renew his lease when the time comes, or maybe to have a frank discussion with the customer about how his attire makes other customers feel uncomfortable.

Another member, ssmgr, suggested the second option. But other members are quick to the tenant's defense. One asked, "Who is the tenant hurting besides whomever he is hiding this from?" Then the member suggested the direct approach: "Let him know that by getting changed in the facility he is making other tenants uncomfortable."

MusicCity Gal, a frequent poster, says that kicking out the tenant shouldn't be the method: "Your tenants trust you why should you lose any customers? He is not a criminal." Others have questioned the legality of looking for a reason to terminate his lease.

By the same token, member Jughead makes an interesting point and expands the conversation into the issue of tenants' clothing in general. What if, Jughead poses, the tenant weren't a cross-dresser but instead a Nazi and consistently wore clothing that displayed the swastika. Would the facility allow him to rent and visit a unit regularly, defending his right to free speech, or would it find a way to get rid of him?

What would you do in Hurlco's situation? How would you assuage the concerns of other customers without disrespecting the tenant? How big of an issue is tenant clothing and personal expression at your facility? Post a response and join the discussion. If you're not a member of Self-Storage Talk, you can register here.


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