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A&E to Film Auction at Southern California Self-Storage Facility

A member of Self-Storage Talk announced that the Arts and Entertainment network (A&E) will be filming an auction at her facility in the near future.

A member of Self-Storage Talk, the industry's largest online forum, announced via this thread that the Arts and Entertainment network (A&E) will be filming an auction at her facility in the near future, probably some time later this month.

AirportSuperStorage, a member of the forum since 2009 and a manager at an Inland Empire facility, has expressed her excitement of having a major cable network filming on her property. Aside from being excellent for name recognition and marketing, shes excited about the prospects of her staff and herself appearing on television. She is aware, though, that her auction must be run perfectly, or the world will see the snags. She doesn't know which program they're filming for, but she does know the producing team is the same one for shows such as "Deadliest Catch" and "Ice Road Truckers." She also promises to keep the forum updated when she knows more.

The facility owners and network have recently agreed to terms, the specifics of which are not known. AirportSuperStorage has asked the community if anyone has had film crews on their property. Is there anything she should be particularly cautious about? Are there drawbacks to being featured on television? Log on to Self-Storage Talk to answer her questions or read more about what's going on. You must be a registered member to post, but registration is free and takes only a few minutes.

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