Self-Storage Talk Featured Thread: When Tenants Defy Closing-Time Policies

Self-storage facilities have various operating hours depending on ownership, location, staff and needs of the consumer base. Some provide around-the-clock admission, while others restrict access to standard business hours. In some cases, operation may be limited on weekends, or shortened on certain week days.

For sites with a closing time, ensuring the property is empty of tenants can be a challenge. A customer may show up just minutes before close, insisting on visiting his unit, or refuse to leave the site if he’s already there. On occasion, a user will “hide out,” hoping to escape the attention of staff.   

In a recent thread on Self-Storage Talk, the industry’s largest online community, members discuss how they deal with visitors who don’t adhere to the facility’s closing policies. What advice can you offer on this hot topic? See what others have to say and join the conversation.

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