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Live! Megan Service for INSOMNIAC Kiosks

Article-Live! Megan Service for INSOMNIAC Kiosks

OpenTech Alliance Inc. has expanded its Maintenance and Warranty Services (MWS) program to offer the new Live! Megan service at no additional charge. 

OpenTech Alliance Inc., provider of INSOMNIAC self-storage kiosks, expanded its Maintenance and Warranty Services program to offer the new Live! Megan service at no additional charge. With the added feature, users can get assistance from a live call-center agent when using a kiosk to rent a self-storage unit or make a payment. The new personal service is available 16 hours a day during week days and a total of 24 hours during weekends. 

Self-storage customers simply press a button on the kiosk and go directly to a Live! Megan agent who is ready to assist him on questions ranging from “I need help renting a storage unit” to “Will my stuff fit in a 10-by-10 unit?” The trained storage agents are equipped to provide personal assistance and remotely control the kiosk, if needed. 

The INSOMNIAC Live! call center was launched last year to help self-storage owners extend service hours and allow managers to focus more on other tasks. 

Phoenix-based OpenTech Alliance Inc. is the provider of INSOMNIAC kiosks and call-center services and the INSOMNIAC Self Storage Network for online reservations. 

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