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INSOMNIAC Live! Self-Storage Call Center

OpenTech Alliance Inc. opened its new INSOMNIAC Live! self-storage call center in Phoenix on Aug. 1.

OpenTech Alliance Inc. opened its new INSOMNIAC Live! self-storage call center in Phoenix on Aug. 1. The company expects the center, currently manned by 12 employees, to serve more than 350 self-storage facilities and employ an additional 20 to 30 call-center agents by the end of the year. OpenTech is also backing the service with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.
The call center offers services including Live! TotalCalls, Live! Rollover and Live! AfterHours. Live! Megan, designed for self-storage operations with kiosks, is included free of charge for call-center subscribers or can be purchased separately. The service allows a call-center agent to remotely control a self-storage kiosk, having a two-way conversation with―and even seeing―the customer. In the future, it will include two-way video conferencing, providing face-to-face customer service.
OpenTech has also developed LiveAgent!, a call-center software designed specifically for self-storage. The application will not only operate the INSOMNIAC Live! call center, it will soon be available to storage operators who want to run their own internal call center. The program is integrated with the INSOMNIAC Self Storage Network, providing call-center agents with real-time unit inventory, pricing and facility information and allowing them to process a rental, reservation or payment directly into the property-management system at each network facility.
OpenTech also provides six models of self-storage kiosks ranging in price from $9,000 to $18,000.

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