OpenTech Alliance introduces its newest self-storage kiosk, the INSOMNIAC 770, offering a freestanding pedestal design, onboard signage and an optional canopy.

OpenTech Alliance Inc. has released its latest innovation in self-services kiosks: the INSOMNIAC 770. The new kiosk is the result of a joint development project with one of the industry’s leading self-storage operators. It features innovative patented self-service technology, INSOMNIAC software, on-screen assistant “Megan,” and it is backed by OpenTech’s team of customer service professionals.

The 770’s freestanding pedestal design, onboard signage and optional canopy are designed to make it easy to install and quickly visible to self-storage tenants. The standard model is black with an ultrasonic chrome shell, but it can be customized to match other branding schemes. The 770 interfaces in real-time with other property-management software.

The INSOMNIAC 770 is priced at $15,500, but can also be purchased on a lease-to-own basis for a monthly fee. An additional maintenance and warranty service is available for $225 per month. Info:

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