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Apple Storage Launches Premium Service Offerings in Hong Kong

Article-Apple Storage Launches Premium Service Offerings in Hong Kong

Apple Storage Group, which operates more than 100 self-storage locations in Hong Kong, has launched a new suite off offerings called “Apple Storage Premium,” which aims to combine self-storage with coworking space, warehouse management and a clubhouse-style consultancy. The company will aim its new service at individuals and business owners who need a place to store and ship their goods, according to the source.

Through Apple Storage Premium, customers can not only rent storage space, they can rent a workspace that includes clerical and computer equipment, multi-functional printing and photocopying services, and recreational areas with self-service beverages, phone charging and 24-hour security. The new smart-management system enables them to keep inventory of the items in their storage unit.

The new onsite consultancy includes representatives who are certified by the Japan Shuno Licensing Association and have professional storage skills, the source reported. Tenants will also have access to a 24-hour customer-service hotline to ask questions or receive advice on their storage needs.

Established in 2005, Apple Storage Group operates facilities in Kowloon and the New Territories, Hong Kong. In addition to traditional self-storage, it offers mailboxes and moving services, and provides specialty storage and display space for clothing, shoes and toys.

Source: Taiwan News, Apple Storage Curates a New VIP Storage Experience