Article Showcase: Self-Storage Design Case Studies 2023
Article Showcase: Self-Storage Design Case Studies 2023

Article Showcase: Self-Storage Design Case Studies 2023

The June 2023 issue of “Inside Self-Storage” magazine is dedicated to industry development and design, including articles on project approval, site selection, team-building, budgeting, architectural trends and options, building components, and more. In addition to these informative features, we’ve assembled the following series of bonus articles. They highlight the challenges and triumphs of four specific projects, including a conversion, a mixed-use project, one that meshed with the community to garner support and another that took four years to come to fruition.

A Complex Case Study: How a Mixed-Use Approach Ensured Success in a Detroit Self-Storage Conversion
While municipalities wish to see vacant buildings repurposed, self-storage isn’t always a top choice. Adding other uses to a project is often what’s needed to gain support and the proper zoning. That was the case on this complex mixed-use development in Detroit, converted from a former office. Read about all the factors that fell into place.
By Peter Stuhlreyer, Chief Architect, Designhaus LLC

Sweet Success: A Pittsburgh Former Ice-Cream Factory Becomes a Shiny New Self-Storage Facility
There’s a surplus of empty buildings in urban areas, but not all are ideal for a self-storage conversion. This case study of the complicated adaptive reuse of a 1912 former ice-cream factory in Pittsburgh demonstrates how there can be challenges but also creative ways to overcome them.
By Brian Rawlings, Principal, O’Donnell & Naccarato

Self-Storage Design Case Study: Broad Street Self-Storage in San Luis Obispo, CA
When designing a self-storage development, blending in with the local community is often the best course. In fact, municipalities sometimes require it. Read how the owners of Broad Street Self-Storage crafted their facility in San Luis Obispo, California, to represent the area.
By Ken Gieseke, Vice President of Marketing, McElroy Metal

A Complicated Journey: Building Trojan Storage in Glendale, CA
Self-storage developers have faced a slew of hurdles in recent years including lagging approval times, labor shortages and cost increases. The process of building Trojan Storage in Glendale, California, was similarly challenging. Read about the facility design, construction obstacles and workarounds, and more.
By David Meinecke, Vice President, Jordan Architects