Article Showcase: Marketing 2023
Article Showcase: Marketing 2023

Article Showcase: Marketing 2023

The July 2023 issue of “Inside Self-Storage” magazine is dedicated to helping self-storage operators fine-tune their marketing. In addition to these informative features, we’ve assembled the following series of bonus articles. They provide more insight on a variety of marketing topics to help operators meet their goals.

10 Marketing Tactics for an Ultra-Fast Self-Storage Facility Lease-Up
Forget resorting to discounts to self-storage attract renters … The secret to filling units is a well-planned marketing program. Consider these 10 simple but powerful strategies to lease up your property swiftly.
By Garrett Byrd, Vice President, Storage Authority LLC

Marketing Self-Storage in Uncertain Times: A Strategy for Surviving When It Counts
We’re living in uncertain times. But if you’re feeling uneasy about your self-storage facility’s performance this year, marketing could be the answer. Many owners pull back on advertising when times get tough, but that’s a mistake. Instead, make promotional activities second nature, so you do them automatically to drive new business when it counts.
By Tron Jordheim, Managing Partner, Self Storage Strategies

Why You Need to Add Video to Your Self-Storage Marketing and How to Create Campaigns
If you want your self-storage marketing to be relevant and garner attention from prospective customers, you need to add video to the mix. Learn the primary benefits of this medium, plus how to create and track campaigns.
By Mohala Johnson, Director of Web Technology, Tellus Development Ltd.

Tips for Managing Your Self-Storage Facility’s Online Business Listings
If you’re looking to improve your self-storage facility’s digital footprint, you should be taking advantage of online business listings. Most are free and simple to use. Read about the benefits, what your listings should include, plus how to track and keep them current.
By Mohala Johnson, Director of Web Technology, Tellus Development Ltd.

Buying Digital Advertising for Your Self-Storage Operation: Options, Benefits and Tips
While you might think digital media purchases are only for larger self-storage brands, regional and even smaller operators can reap the benefits of these promotional products. Read about the options for buying online advertising and how it can help you reach your target audiences.
By CJ Pomerantz, Product Manager, Automatit

Local SEO for Self-Storage Operations: Why It’s Important and How to Master It
For self-storage facilities, online local search is like highway signage: It provides the visibility that drives brand awareness, phone calls and occupancy. Learn more reasons why search engine optimization is critically important for your business and how to make your efforts count.
By Tyler Suchman, Founder, The Storage Agency

Why and How to Apply Customer-Behavior Analytics on Your Self-Storage Facility Website
Getting self-storage customers to your website is only half the battle. You also need them to interact with your pages. Understanding where users spend their time can help you improve your site and provide a more satisfying online experience. Behavior-analytics tools can deliver this insight. Find out how.
By Derek Hines, Writer, West Coast Self-Storage