Article Showcase: Bonus Investing Features 2022
Article Showcase: Bonus Investing Features 2022

Article Showcase: Bonus Investing Features 2022

The January 2023 issue of "Inside Self-Storage" magazine is dedicated to the topic of industry investing, including finance and real estate. It addresses the impact of rising interest rates, available loan options, an overview of the real estate market, four popular investment paths, acquiring land for development, off-market transactions, underperforming properties, facility valuation and more. Because the investing sector is so richly nuanced, we also assembled the following series of bonus articles. These special features will help owners and investors better understand the ever-changing industry landscape. Gain insight on various lending types and how to create a successful loan request, plus more guidance on asset buying and selling.

Quick Cash: Understanding the Use of Bridge Loans in Self-Storage Financing
The competitive nature of today’s self-storage market means operators and investors often need quick access to financing. Here’s an overview of how bridge loans and other programs that can help when traditional loans aren’t a good fit.
By David Smyle, Vice President, Pacific Southwest Realty Services

The Great Debate: Should Investors Buy or Build in Today’s Self-Storage Market?
Self-storage is among the hottest investments going, but the old question remains: Is it better to buy an existing facility or build a new one? Taking current market conditions into account, here are some points to ponder.
By RK Kliebenstein, Principal, Coast-to-Coast Realty Advisors LLC

Clearing Up the Confusion of the Cap Rate: What It Is and How It’s Used in the Self-Storage Industry
Capitalization rates are central to every self-storage investment, but no metric causes more confusion. Here’s the lowdown on what they are and how they’re applied in the industry toward facility valuations and projections.
By Jane H. Sauls and Luke Sauls, Co-Owners, Sauls Storage Group LLC

Maximizing the Conditions of a Hot Self-Storage Market: Selling Your Facility vs. Cash-Out Refinance
If you own facility, you may be thinking about selling, as today’s climate offers favorable returns. Alternatively, you could consider a cash-out refinance. Read pros and cons of each and why you might pursue one over the other.
By Gregory Porter, Founder, Summit Real Estate Advisors

It’s Got Merit! Proving to Self-Storage Lenders That Your Project Can Succeed
Even in this topsy-turvy economy, lending opportunities are still available. However, availability doesn’t automatically equate to approval. To get the funds for your next acquisition or development, you need to prove your financial merit. Here’s how.
By Dave Kotter, Principal, Integrity Capital LLC

A New Path to Self-Storage Acquisitions: A Virtual Strategy for Finding Investors and Partners
There are many ways to fund acquisitions, but it sometimes pays to take an unconventional path. Learn a creative strategy of using virtual platforms to organize, educate and entice potential investors and private-money lenders to finance your deal-making.
By Stacy Rossetti, Owner, REI USA and StorageNerds

Know What You’re Buying! Information to Process During Self-Storage Due Diligence
Signing a purchase agreement may seem like a big step, but it’s really just the beginning of your acquisition journey. The due-diligence period is a critical stage during which you’ll decide whether to push forward or move on. Learn about the information to be collected and scrutinized.
By Brandon Robinson, President, Calvary Realty Inc.

Harnessing the Power of Seller Financing to Acquire Self-Storage Properties
If you’re looking to acquire a facility but lack the finances to purchase a one outright, there’s another option. More and more investors are harnessing the power of seller financing. Find out how it works and the benefits for both parties.
By Jon Farling and Ian Horowitz, Principals, L4 Real Estate Investments LLC and Equity Warehouse