Tenant Protection Advances in New Directions

Tenant Protection Advances in New Directions: Designed & Built for Today's Modern Self-Storage Industry, Tailored for Partnership

When implemented correctly, tenant property protection protects customers' goods and becomes a solid revenue-generator for a self-storage operator. With so many programs from which to choose, operators must be aware of the pitfalls, such as the "other insurance" clause, and programs not designed for the self-storage industry. This whitepaper highlights how to choose the right tenant property protection program and the steps the national self-storage association is taking to help protect self-storage operators.

  • How a quality tenant-insurance/protection program will build revenue
  • Clauses and other hazards in which operators should be informed
  • Steps for choosing the right tenant-insurance/protection program

About the Author

Storage Property Protection is a Phoenix-based provider of specialty tenant property protection specifically for the self-storage industry. The company's protection plans are focused for tenant, manager and operator satisfaction.

Matt Schaller is vice president of sales and client services for Storage Property Protection. He has 25 years experience in the insurance industry, including global and regional brokerage, self-storage tenant insurance, and property protection expertise.