Recipe for Customer-Service Excellence

Recipe for Customer-Service Excellence: Find with care, hire with care, retain with care … repeat

The quality of your customer service directly impacts your company's current and future financial stability and potential. Since the single greatest influence over your customers' experience is the quality of your customer-facing staff, it's imperative to find, hire and retain top-quality talent for your line staff and management positions. This whitepaper will tell you how to accomplish this critical task.

  • How customer service affects the financial stability of small, mid-size and large companies
  • How to find and hire top-quality talent for a company's customer-facing staff positions
  • How to retain quality customer-service staff and what to do when a key employee leaves

About the Author

Michaels Wilder is a Phoenix-based marketing and talent-management services company delivering Internet, mobile, print and broadcast advertising solutions. The company has been in business for more than 20 years, serving large and small clients across a wide range of industries. As a successful and trusted marketing and advertising agency, Michaels Wilder applies its creative and media skills in helping companies market their business online and off. The company is also a Certified Marketing Representative for Yellow Pages advertising and offers recruitment and human resources consulting.