The New California Lien Law: What Self-Storage Operators Need to Know

Available: On Demand
Speakers: Jeffrey Greenberger
The self-storage lien law in California, Assembly Bill 655 (AB655), will change effective Jan. 1. While the revised legislation includes improvements to benefit the state’s self-storage operators, there are important nuances of which operators should be aware as they conduct business with tenants in 2011. In this webinar, industry attorney Jeffrey Greenberger will review the relevant changes made by the Bill and how it directly affects facility operators. He’ll discuss: 

  • The specific changes being made to the California lien law
  • What these changes mean for an operator’s lien-sale process
  • Which of the changes you, as the operator, may or may not decide not to implement
  • What changes you need to make to your facility forms under the new law
  • What has changed about oppositions to lien sales

Don’t miss this vital opportunity to get guidance on California lien law and the affect news changes will have on the way self-storage is operated in the state. 


Jeff GreenbergerJeffrey Greenberger 

Jeffrey Greenberger is a partner in the Cincinnati law firm of Katz, Greenberger & Norton LLP, where he focuses his practice on commercial real estate, with a concentration in self-storage. Jeff assists operators around the country in the design and implementation of legal policies and procedures as well as other operational issues, with a focus on litigation avoidance and liability reduction. He is the legal advisor to several state self-storage associations and a featured speaker for national and state self-storage conferences. As part of the Inside Self-Storage Editorial Advisory Board, he contributes regularly to the magazine, and is also a member of the ISS Education Advisory Committee. He is the star presenter of the ISS Legal Learning webinar series, and plays key roles in other ISS ventures, serving as an instructor for the Self-Storage Training Institute and as a moderator for Self-Storage Talk, the industry’s largest online community.