Dealing With Tenant Life Changes: Divorce, Death and Bankruptcy

Available: On Demand
Speakers: Jeffrey J. Greenberger

Significant changes in the lives of your tenants can have a serious impact on the way you, as a self-storage operator, conduct your business. Some of the most notable life changes you encounter with customers are bankruptcy, divorce and death.

Tenant bankruptcy changes the way you handle delinquent accounts. If you don't know how to deal with a tenant who has filed bankruptcy, you face the risk of substantial legal penalties, including contempt of court. As a facility operator, you also need to understand how divorce between tenants affects your relationship with and duty toward them. Incorrect action can set you up for potential liability for constructive eviction, damages to property, lost property and more. Finally, if one of your tenants dies, who do you allow into his unit and what do you do next? This webinar provides important information and addresses action items of which you should be aware in dealing with these life-changing events.