Solar Self-Storage Systems: Making Green While Going Green

Available: On Demand
Speakers: Bob Hayworth, Owner and CEO, Baja Construction Inc.; and Robin Heuer, CEO/CLO, iParkSolar

Outfitting your self-storage facility with solar technology offers a wealth of benefits. Not only does it provide money-saving opportunities such as federal and state tax credits and grants, it also helps you better the environment and create public appeal for your business. Learn what you need to make a solar project work, structurally and financially. During this webinar, you'll learn how a facility's location, panel configuration and energy costs affect the project's success. Our presenters will share a detailed case study, addressing the issues of system costs, energy production and revenue generation. If you’re interested in saving and making money while being eco-friendly, you don't want to miss this free, live webinar!

About Our Presenters

Bob Hayworth is the owner and CEO of Baja Construction, which designs, engineers, supplies and installs self-storage and boat/RV-storage buildings and carports. Hayworth designed the patent-pending Solar Support System, in which photovoltaic panels are mounted to produce free, clean power. He is a renowned construction leader, frequently invited to speak at industry events about solar-integrated carports and boat/RV covers.

Robin Heuer is the chief operating officer, chief learning officer and a board member of iParkSolar, a developer of solar-integrated carports, RV/boat storage and integrated electrical-vehicle charging stations. She is responsible for overseeing the company's business operation including sales, marketing, business development, human resources, public policy and communications. She is instrumental in the strategy, development and negotiation of the corporate strategy and relationships in furtherance of the iParkSystem.

About Baja Construction

Baja Construction designs, engineers, supplies and installs self-storage and carports including three-side and enclosed boat/RV covers. The company also provides the patent-pending Solar Support System, which produces free, clean power while providing shaded parking and a potential business-revenue source. Baja has been in business for 25 years, with estimated annual revenue in excess of $25 million. The company serves clients nationwide with is in-house design, engineering and construction staff.

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