Choosing and Evaluating a Third-Party Self-Storage Management Company

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Speakers: Noah Springer, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Extra Space Storage; Jim Stevens, Senior Vice President of Acquisitions and Business Development, Extra Space Storage

When choosing a third-party management company to handle the day-to-day operation of your self-storage facility, there are several critical factors to consider. You have to ask yourself: Should you use a large national company or a local one? Will the management company care about the property as much as you do? Can you negotiate the management contract and what should it include? What questions should you ask during the screening process? This webinar will explain the differences between management-company styles and services and provide criteria for evaluating your candidates. You'll learn how to determine if a company can adequately manage your facility's revenue, marketing, technology, staff and more. If you want to ensure you choose the best management company for your self-storage business, you don't want to miss this free, live webinar!

About the Speakers

Noah Springer Jim StevensNoah Springer (left) is Extra Space Storage's director of strategic partnerships. In addition to the company's 3Plus Management Program, Noah handles acquisition efforts, having completed approximately $200 million in self-storage acquisitions from managed owners and joint-venture partners. In 2007, he helped create the Extra Space joint-venture program, in which the company joined forces with local developers to build self-storage across the country.

Jim Stevens (right) joined Extra Space Storage in January 2001 as the divisional vice president responsible for the company's West Coast activity. He became the senior vice president of acquisitions and business development in November 2006. Since that time, he has overseen more than $465 million in self-storage acquisitions.

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