Elite Tracking Techniques: How to Know If Your Marketing Is Working ... or Wasting Money

Available: On Demand
Speakers: Megan Eckert, USstoragesearch.com Executive Vice President

Our June 6th webinar, "Online Marketing Myths Exposed and How to Capitalize on the Internet," taught you about the power of Internet marketing in the self-storage industry. On August 8th, you learned about "Lead Conversion: Where Most Internet Marketing Fails and How to Foolproof Your Lead-Conversion Systems For Maximum ROI." In this third and final webinar from USstoragesearch.com, you'll uncover the last secret to Internet-marketing success.

Marketing is a significant investment for most self-storage owner/operators, but few know how to accurately track the performance and return of their efforts. This causes millions of dollars to be wasted each year in the self-storage industry, and it's likely affecting your facility in a big way, too. During this free webinar, you'll learn how to track your marketing efforts—online and off—and get the tools you need to make tracking easy. You'll walk away with essential information to implement these critical techniques that save money and increase profit!

This event wraps up the USstoragesearch.com webinar series on Internet marketing by tying all three together, giving you the formula to huge online success. The session will include time for questions and answers with our speaker. Everyone is invited to participate in this free, live webinar!

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