With technology rapidly evolving, it’s critical self-storage managers and owners be tech-savvy. They should be able to competently navigate their facility’s management software for day-to-day operations and advanced reporting. Many management software programs remain Windows-based platform, but now operators can also choose Web-software applications. Self-storage operators are revamping their websites for better search-engine optimization for organic search results, and some are experimenting with pay-per-click advertising and third-party self-storage directories. Operators are boosting their facility websites to include real-time reservation and payment modules and other customer relationship management systems, along with blogs and articles with tips for consumers. Most operators recognize we live in a world filled with automation and consumers who want what they want when they want it. These operators are experimenting with unmanned sites, including self-storage kiosks and automated self-storage retrieval systems. Self-storage security is no longer restricted to keypad access and security gates. Today’s facilities have sophisticated video-surveillance systems with digital video recorders, individual door alarms, online remote monitoring, unit overlocks and network video recorders.

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