The development of a self-storage facility generally begins with a comprehensive market analysis of the proposed project area. New owners and/or developers will usually hire a third-party specialist to conduct a detailed feasibility study, which will identify market demographics and other key metrics to determine the viability of self-storage in a particular location. Once a site is chosen, an engineer and architect are hired to design a self-storage facility that will maximize the investment in the land, including the site layout and unit mix. The developer, builder and/or owner may need to meet with local residents and the planning and zoning board to discuss the community impact of the project and the aesthetics of the individual buildings, including landscaping, building height, door color, etc. Owners might consider a multi-story building to maximize their footprint, or converting a building from another use to self-storage to widen their options.

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  • Exhibit 1
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    By Jim Chiswell Conducting a feasibility study should be looked at as more than just determining the viability of a specific location or market area. It should also be viewed as a complete process of determining if you really want to be in the self-storage business, and if ...More
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  • State of the Industry
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