O'Neil Software Inc.

O'NEIL SOFTWARE INC., IN ITS 20 YEARS providing records-storage solutions, has worked with hundreds of people in different aspects of the records-storage, self-storage and moving and storage industries. Clients range from the industry veteran with many years of experience to the newcomer who sees an opportunity to build a new business but does not know where to begin. The common ground among them is their involvement with an industry undergoing rapid transformation.

Originally, records storage was a relatively sleepy and quiet industry. However, technology has allowed aggressive upstarts, using new generations of management techniques to grab marketshare. The reason for the interest in records storage is simple: It offers exceptional profit potential and consistent revenue. In records storage, revenue grows at an average rate of 20 percent per year even if operators do nothing to expand their business.

For the established company looking to diversify into records storage and the entrepreneur starting from scratch, O'Neil is a great source of software and know-how. The company has more than 20 years of industry experience, having provided 700 installations in 40 countries.

O'Neil's solutions are used by startups and world leaders. The company wishes to share its expertise and provide the tools to properly analyze a potential records-storage business. Interested parties can visit www.oneilsoft.com and download or request a free copy of "The Secrets of Getting Started in the Record Storage Industry." This book answers many of the questions prospects have and offers new ideas for greater success in the industry.

The Technology

O'Neil is one of the pioneers in records- management software. In 1985, the company introduced the industry's landmark barcode technology with its Record Storage for DOS software. Although commercial records storage was still in its infancy, this development gave O'Neil users the unique ability to manage large volumes of hardcopy information through the use of barcode tracking. Multidepartmental invoicing, remote communications, portable receipt printers and intelligent scanners were just some of the enhancements early clients capitalized into competitive advantages.

In 1995, the record center's end user became savvier about the benefits of technology and information management vs. warehouse storage. O'Neil introduced RSWin (Record Storage for Windows), which enabled clients to take advantage of the new Windows operating systems. A major redesign in the product line featured Table Technology that allowed faster and easier queries and searches. Features that took hours before could now be done in minutes through the power of global functionality.

Today, O'Neil continues to set a standard in software solutions for the records-storage industry. Its newest software product, RS-SQL (Record Storage for SQL Server), was unveiled in 2000. It continues the O'Neil philosophy of full database compatibility. RS-SQL users have the advantage of unparalleled features:

  • Open architecture with Microsoft's SQL- Server database engine
  • Scalability (lab tested to 100 million records)
  • Web-browser (RS-WEB) technology
  • Application programming inter- faces to tie into other external database tools

In addition, all O'Neil's features are included at one price. This means a startup can benefit from the same advancements usually reserved for world leaders. Between the company's industry experience and large customer base, O'Neil's software products have evolved into full-featured commercial and corporate records-center tools. Industry software development is not a side product for the company--it is its only business.

When it comes to technical support, O'Neil is second to none. When asked about his experiences, O'Neil customer Mike Rich of Records Central says, "Not having O'Neil support is like having a car without gas. As I matter of fact, just today I called twice. The response I got was immediate and effective, and I had an instant solution. When I call, they treat me like I am their only client. I think the O'Neil support team is the best in the business." That says it all.

In 1995, O'Neil University was created to offer a full curriculum of customer classroom training and consulting. Since O'Neil draws to its team experts and talented professionals from the records-storage industry, the university has been a valuable resource to established record centers and startups alike. The company helps its clients stay abreast of the ever-changing advances in the records-management business.

O'Neil makes continual investment in its software development. The company's development team has a full slate of RS-SQL enhancements scheduled for release (enhancements have historically averaged one every six weeks). With this type of ongoing evolution, O'Neil's clients, big or small, will continue to have technological advantages in their particular marketplaces.

For more information, call 949. 458.1234; visit www.oneilsoft.com; e-mail [email protected].

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