Software & Technology Vendor Showcase

Inside Self-Storage is pleased to express its gratitude to the software and technology vendors that support this annual edition through the purchase of advertising. Look for ads from all of the following suppliers in the body of this issue.

AndraTech Software Corp.

P.O. Box 222904
Chantilly, VA 21053-2904
Phone: 703.766.2700, 877.613.2700
Fax: 413.723.6890
E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]
Contact: James Boyd
Product(s): Self-Storage Pro
Price Range: $399 to $1379 (Some features extra. View pricing on website.)
Demo: Free CD or hassle-free download from website

AndraTech Softwares Self-Storage Pro puts the automation in self-storage management. Developed specifically for the industry, it has all the features necessary for any size facility, including automatic generation of monthly paper or e-mail statements and late-fee notices. The interactive visual map gives a quick glance at the status of an entire facility using customized color-coding. Users can click on any unit on the map to view all the information about that space and its tenant. Self-Storage Pro offers an industry first: a report-importing capability that allows users to pick and choose the reports they want to install. The feature is not restricted to the reports the company deliversusers can request new reports to be developed and published on AndraTechs website for the entire self-storage community.

Centershift Inc.

2755 E. Cottonwood Parkway, Suite 450
Salt Lake City, UT 84121
Phone: 801.303.1300; 877.927.4438
Fax: 801.303.1350
E-mail: [email protected]
Contact: Terry Bagley
Product(s): STORE
Price Range: Subscription license (rental) based on number of facilities or units
Demo: Can be requested via website or phone

Centershift Inc. provides innovative technology solutions that increase the profitability and value of real estate assets. The companys STORE product provides a web-based rental-management and point-of-sale software solution for self-storage. STORE provides owners/managers better control of business assets, improved efficiency at the facility and corporate office, opportunities for increased profitability, and information security. Centershift introduced these industry firsts: real-time, consolidated, multisite reporting; Internet credit-card processing; call-center integration; tenant-insurance integration; web-based business-to-consumer ecommerce (online credit-card payments, account management, unit availability, rent rates and reservations); centralized mail processing for tenant correspondence; online support and documentation; web-based training; centralized yield management and forecasting; fully integrated company and facility websites and web hosting; and self-service kiosk integration.

DHS Worldwide Software Solutions

563 Blanding Blvd., Suite 3
Orange Park, FL 32073
Phone: 904.213.0448; 800.377.8406
Fax: 904.213.1490
E-mail: [email protected]
Contact: Sales
Product(s): Total Recall
Price Range: $2,000+
Demo: Available

DHS Worldwide offers a full-featured SQL self-storage operations software designed to manage multiple facilities from a single database. The product also includes a client web server and functionality for mobile/portable units. In addition, DHS offers a full suite of commercial records-management software solutions, as well as software for asset management and wine-storage management.

Dilloware LP

2825 FM 2722
New Braunfels, TX 78132
Phone: 800.880.0887
Fax: 830.899.2124
E-mail: [email protected]
Contact: Rebecca Kelley
Price Range: $689.95

Dilloware has been providing storage facilities with easy-to-use, affordable billing software since 1981. The Billing Clerk automatically bills and tracks monthly rents, insurance, etc., and generates invoices, statements, late charges, past-due notices, receipts, multiple reports and much more. Unit availability is easily accessed. History is maintained for as long as needed for an unlimited number of units and customers. There is a large notepad for information on each tenant (comments, access codes, contact information, etc.). Technical support is provided by the people who actually developed the program, offering no long hold times or waiting for call-backs. The first year of support (up to 60 minutes) is included in the initial price of $689.95.


1717 Swede Road, Suite 112
Blue Bell, PA 19422
Phone: 610.277.7457
Fax: 610.278.4117
E-mail: [email protected]
Contact: Kat Shenoy (U.S.), David Ambrose (Canada), Ola Andersson (Europe)
Product(s): Self Storage Manager, Multi-Facility Manager, e-SSM
Price Range: $2,600 to $7,000 per site, based on the number of units and add-on modules selected
Demo: CD can be requested through the website, or call to schedule an online demonstration

E-SoftSys, a Microsoft Certified Partner, provides technology solutions for the self-storage industry. The company offers a complete suite of products and services:

  • Self Storage ManagerA comprehensive management software designed to streamline business processes in large facilities with the convenience of a color-coded site map and optional interfaces to accounting systems and gate-access equipment.
  • Multi-Facility ManagerA management tool used to connect to and manage multiple facilities from a corporate office.
  • e-SSMA web-based, multifacility management software used to centralize operational control of all facilities and enable customers to rent, reserve and pay online.
  • MobilRentalA wireless rental module that allows an operator to carry his rental office in the palm of his hand.
  • WebsiteDesign, development and search-engine optimization services that interface with management software.

eMove Inc.

2727 N. Central Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Phone: 866.MY.EMOVE
Fax: 602.277.5812
E-mail: [email protected]
Contact: Lisa Fugate
Product(s): WebSelfStorage Management Software
Price Range: $44.95/month
Demo: Available via website

eMove Inc. provides a unique Storage Affiliate program that enables operators to make more, pay less and compete with larger operators. Premier-level affiliates enjoy a package of benefits that includes WebSelfStorage, an affordable, web-based, facility-management and point-of-sale software that allows owners to securely manage their sites online anywhere at any time. Designed by industry professionals, the software is currently used to manage more than 40 million square feet of storage in real time. It comes with free online tech support and lifetime upgrades, and interfaces with all major gate systems and accounting packages. WebSelfStorage includes built-in modules that save money on credit-card processing, tenant insurance and online payments. It also connects affiliates to the worlds largest moving and storage reservation system and allows them to receive Secured Online Affiliation Rentals (S.O.A.R.) from more than 10,000 moving and storage retail outlets across North America.

Empower Software Technologies LLC

27851 Bradley Road, Suite 120
Sun City, CA 92586-2202
Phone: 909.672.6257; 877.672.6257
Fax: 909.672.6258
E-mail: [email protected]
Contact: Tom Smith
Product(s): Storage Commander, Net Commander

Storage Commander is a self-storage management program designed to satisfy the operational requirements of independent and multi-facility operators and management companies. It is easily configured to meet any management style and supports more than 100 reports that give accurate, detailed insight to all aspects of the business. It supports advanced technology solutions such as online payments, biometric security devices, electronic-funds transfer, automatic credit-card processing, drivers-license scanning/ verification, digital-camera support, and an advanced graphical site map.

Net Commander is a full-featured, Internet-based program that allows multi-facility operators to fully manage all stores through a single server. From a central location, they can accept rental payments, reserve units, implement rate changes, make adjustments to customer accounts and run reports. The program uses 128-bit data encryption, making it extremely secure. Because it works as a companion to Storage Commander, if communication with Net Commander is lost, the facility continues to operate without interruption.

HI-Tech Smart Systems Inc.

407 Uluniu Street, Suite 312
Kailua, HI 96734
Phone: 808.263.7775; 800.551.8324
Fax: 808.261.4447
E-mail: [email protected]
Contact: Linda Black
Product(s): RentPlus
Price Range: $699-$1,999
Demo: CD or download from website

HI-Tech has been producing self-storage software since 1986. Its self-storage software for Windows, RentPlus, first shipped in 1998. It was designed to provide operators the tools and information to make the most of a self-storage business. Highlights include an on-screen interactive map of the facility; daily, weekly and monthly rentals; multiple collection and discount plans; automatic charges and printing of notices; inventory management; customizable letters; e-mail letters and reports; and much more. Digital photos may be attached and viewed with a customers record. Corporate-office software, data and demographic mapping, interfaces with popular security systems, and automatic credit-card payment options are available. RentPlus includes technical support, updates and a risk-free, money-back guarantee. HI-Tech provides support from offices in Florida, Hawaii and Missouri. Additional offices are in Brisbane, Australia, and The Netherlands.

Mystic Systems Technology Corp. (MSTC)

8260 E. Raintree Drive, Suite 110
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Phone: 480.556.6244; 800.289.6782
Fax: 480.556.6250
E-mail: [email protected]
Contact: Sales Assistant
Product(s): Account Manager
Price Range: $2,000-$3,495 plus optional modules
Demo: Available on CD

MSTCs Account Manager for Windows is a comprehensive, user-friendly, flexible onsite property-management system. It is account-based, making multiple unit rentals and contacts per tenant account easy and thorough. It lets property managers accomplish flexible payment, billing and invoice options. During automatic processing, it assesses all fees and rent due. It also generates and prints all onsite collection letters and reports, and delivers real-time financial data to the home office and ownership members via a unique corporate-transmittals feature on the Internet. The programs versatile letter-writing system allows the creation of personalized letters, invoices, receipts, leases and forms, all of which can be merged with a variety of site- and customer-specific data. Account Manager also features monitoring of all system-wide alterations, making audit control easy and understandable. Options include insurance processing, digital photos and credit-card processing. The program completely integrates with MSTCs Security Manager for Windows, which provides system-wide gate-automation and alarm-security options.

ONeil Software Inc.

11 Cushing Irvine, CA 92618
Phone: 949.458.1234
Fax: 949.206.6949
E-mail: [email protected]
Contact: Rick Jones
Product(s): RS-SQL, RSWeb, RSMobile
Price Range: From $1,000
Demo: Available through the website, via e-mail, or by calling

For more than 20 years, ONeil Software Inc. has been committed to providing the records-management industry with accurate, flexible hardware and software solutions that deliver results. The company has more than 700 users in more than 48 countries throughout the world, including startup facilities and multinational companies. Its software manages and tracks multiple types of data, including traditional storage boxes, file folders, documents and tapes, from deposit to destruction, work order to invoice. ONeil also provides barcode tracking, portable printers, laser scanners, wireless handheld devices and web technology. Its products consistently offer automation, enhancements and new features that promote ease of use. ONeils flagship product, RS-SQL, is a competitively priced software that ensures record center productivity and profitability.

Online Self Storage Inc.

3827 N. Oracle Road
Tucson, AZ 85705
Phone: 877.301.4635
Fax: 520.407.9616
E-mail: [email protected]
Contact: Rick McGee
Product(s): Call MAXimizer, Online Transactions
Price Range: $299
Demo: Available at

Online Self Storage provides self-storage owners and operators the ability to easily generate revenue and profits from the Internet. The company can create, host and help operators maintain a dynamic website that provides information and e-commerce opportunities for customers. The company can also help maximize overflow and after-hours customer calls through its professionally staffed call center. Its agents can book rentals, set up appointments and accept payments when operators are unable to answer the phone. Facility information, such as availability, pricing and discounts, are easily updated through the simple, easy-to-use browser interface. The integration of Onlines call-center and kiosk technology with the Internet allows customers to conduct business with a facility 24/7.

OpenTech Alliance Inc.

11834 N. Sundown Drive, Suite 100
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Phone: 480.778.9370
Fax: 480.778.1936
E-mail: [email protected]
Contact: Greg Sherwood
Product(s): INSOMNIAC Self-Storage Kiosk
Price Range: $6,500-$16,500
Demo: Available at website

OpenTech Alliance Inc. is the developer of the INSOMNIAC line of selfstorage kiosks, which offer customer convenience, reduce operating expenses and increase revenue for self-storage facilities. The kiosks work with all Alliance Partner software products, including SiteLink (SMD Software Inc.), Storage Commander (Empower Software Technologies LLC), Storage Management System (Syrasoft LLC), STORE (Centershift Inc.), TaskMaster (PTI Integrated Systems) and Domico software.

Quayle Computer Concepts

27682 Paseo Barona
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
Phone: 949.364.6314
Fax: 949.347.6900
E-mail: [email protected]
Contact: Gordon Quayle
Product(s): SWAMP (Storage & Warehouse Asset Management Program)
Price Range: $495 initial license, discounts for multiple licenses, $50-$100 for updates

SWAMP (Storage & Warehouse Asset Management Program) does what operators need to make storage management easier at an affordable cost. SWAMP helps owners and managers be more productive and their businesses more profitable. The program is used by hundreds of satisfied users, serviced by a father and son who have been in the storage and software industries for more than 25 years. They understand customers needs and listen to their suggestions. Offerings include free and unlimited support, and friendly and courteous service.

PTI Integrated Systems

8271 E. Gelding Drive
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Phone: 480.991.1259; 800.331.6224
Fax: 480.991.1395
E-mail: [email protected]
Contact: Business Development
Product(s): TaskMaster, Master Security, Falcon 2000, SiteMaster Graphics
Price Range: $495-$4,000
Demo: Available via CD or website

TaskMaster is a comprehensive, user-friendly, Windows-based management program that handles all aspects of the self-storage business. It simplifies rentals, billing consolidation, rent collection and payment processing for multiunit customers. It also manages merchandise sales, inventory, insurance and other income, and provides customer history with demographic profiling for marketing purposes. Automatic functions handle daily rent processing, late fees, correspondence, credit-card processing, email, accounting exports, and extensive reporting capabilities for accrual and cash accounting. Other offerings include:

  •  webXpressAllows customers to rent units, view account information and pay their rent online.
  • Credit-Card ProcessingA single transaction and batch process allows operators to reduce their processing fees. No additional software required.
  • payXpressA pay-at-the-gate feature that collects past-due rent before allowing a customer to enter the site.
  • Photo ModuleIntegrates with Taskmaster to store client photos with tenant information.
  • TaskMaster Home OfficeAllows operators to manage one or many sites from a single office.

QuikStor Security & Software

6613 Valjean Ave.
Van Nuys, CA 91406
Phone: 800.321.1987
Fax: 818.501.5785
E-mail: [email protected]
Contact: Owen Runnals
Product(s): QuikStor-Express
Price Range: Free and up
Demo: Available for free

QuikStor software offers an interactive, multilevel help system, employee-training mode and builtin tutorial videos. Its management products range from a free version for small, single-project owners to Express Professional for enterprise-wide reporting and management of hundreds of facilities. Express features include: automatic rent collection with a low banking fee (25 cents per transaction); automatic e-mailing of invoices, receipts, and delinquency letters; integrated software for ATM-style, self-service kiosks; integrated digital photography that stores images in tenants data records; QuickBooks integration that provides full general-ledger accounting; automatic data encryption and off-site data backups; simultaneous data access and off-site reservations; integration with pay-at-the-gate access keypads; support for rental of wireless door alarms for standard units and tabletop motion sensors for recreational vehicles; same-day conversions of management-software data; and complete integration with the first-ever 3D site-graphics software. QuikStor offers modular design, affordable pricing and professional installation.

Sentinel Systems Corp.

1620 Kipling St.
Lakewood, CO 80215
Phone: 800.456.9955
Fax: 303.242.2010
E-mail: [email protected]
Contact: John Fogg
Product(s): WinSen Property Manager
Price Range: $1,500-$2,600
Demo: Available by request or via website

This year, Lakewood, Colo.-based Sentinel Systems is celebrating its 30th anniversary. The company developed its original property-management software more than 23 years ago, which, combined with its access-control systems and individual-door-alarm packages, provides customers complete system integration. Sentinels trademarked WinSen product line offers high-quality property-management and access-security options. Over the years, the company has grown from a handful of employees to a corporation with a full staff of development, support, production, administrative and sales-team members. It markets its products through industry publications, referrals and a strong dealer network. It works with self-storage companies worldwide and has installation dealers and distributors employed across the globe. Sentinel recently opened an office just outside London and continues to have a successful relationship with its Australian distribution partner, Intellistore of Sydney, Australia. Simply put, Sentinel products are reliable and they work. The companys employees take pride in everything they develop, manufacture, distribute, sell and support.

SMD Software Inc.

3000 Highwoods Blvd., Suite 120
Raleigh, NC 27604
Phone: 919.865.0789
Fax: 919.865.0795
E-mail: [email protected]
Contact: Markus Hecker, Bob Myers Product(s): SiteLink
Price Range: Varies
Demo: Available via mail or download

SiteLink is a popular, powerful storage-management program that incorporates user-friendliness, complete audit trails and accounting links for single- and multi-facility operators. The program reports ensure collections and operations to maximize revenue. They evaluate performance, including aged receivables, marketing and discounts. Management and financial summaries seamlessly tie into supporting documents like accounts receivable and payments, providing complete analysis and audit trails. Reports provide a water-tight financial picture, including all entries for current and previous customers. SiteLink also embraces e-commerce to process payments electronically, invoice via email, reserve units online, download to handheld devices and link to kiosks. SMD works closely with clients and delivers quality support. The feature-rich, user-friendly software includes industry firsts such as the Revenue Manager, which uses operator experience to set guidelines for maximizing return based on occupancy, rates and time. On-screen video and training reduces time to learn the program and identifies opportunities for improvement.

Space Control Systems Inc.

206 Providence Mine Road, Suite 118
Nevada City, CA 95959
Phone: 530.265.3133; 800.455.9055
Fax: 530.265.6504
E-mail: [email protected]
Contact: Steve Quinn, Gilbert Bohen Product(s): NX.gen
Price Range: $1,980+
Demo: Available via phone, e-mail or Internet request

Space Controls NX.gen is management software that takes advantage of the best of the Internet without exposing businesses to the worst. Operators get a standalone, onsite package that never prevents them from doing business just because the Internet is down or slow; but in the background, the software sends management data to a web page that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. NX.gen also provides total rate management. Not only are move-in rates automatically adjusted based on supply and demand, the software can raise occupant rates one year after move-in or whenever an operator chooseswithout any prompting from employees. Designed specifically for storage, NX.gen is easy to use, showing all necessary customer information on a single screen, including a customers balance and paid-thru date, as well as every charge, payment, late letter, returned check and the employee who made each entry.

Syrasoft Management Software LLC

P.O. Box 119
Camillus, NY 13031
Phone: 800.817.7706
Fax: 315.708.0819
E-mail: [email protected]
Contact: Alison Kiesa, Mickie Brown
Product(s): Storage Management System
Price Range: $995-$5,000
Demo: Trial package available by phone, website or e-mail

Syrasoft has produced management software for the industry since 1991. The companys Storage Management System meets the operating requirements of self-storage businesses while keeping managers tasks in the software easy to learn and use. It not only automates daily operations, it provides customer correspondence and reports for owners, operations directors and controllers. The software interfaces with gate-access control systems, automatic credit-card and ACH/EFT payment systems, digital cameras, PDA devices, Internet connectivity, online payments, kiosks and QuickBooks accounting software. Syrasoft provides essential user-defined features including a robust and flexible late/lien system, demographics tracking, merchandise sales and inventory tracking, and a creative rate-management system for maximizing revenue. Contact the company for a free trial package. Syrasoft sales staff is available to provide tours of software and features and answer questions about setup via phone or personal presentations.

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