QuikStor Security & Software

QuikStor Security & Software
Enterprise Suite: corporate office and management software

QuikStor Security & Software, based in Sherman Oaks, Calif., is pleased to introduce its new Enterprise Suite corporate office and management software. Features of the package include:

  • Centralized collections, payments and site analysis;
  • Centralized multisite reservations, payments and move-ins;
  • Automated home office and consolidated report generator;
  • Cost-effective door-alarm security and management; and
  • Windows management software designed for managers accustomed to using a DOS-based system.

Account Management

QuikStor's account-management software provides business answers when they are needed. Customer service representatives, district managers and the corporate office can view real-time site information about occupancy, vacancy and details regarding individual tenants. No more waiting for overnight transmissions or backup disks to arrive from the sites. Corporate personnel can have instant access to modify tenant records, add notes, take payments, etc.

QuikStor's enterprise management tools are optimized for the bandwidth of any Internet connection or private frame-relay network. It even works on a 56K connection. The entire system is seamless and non-intrusive--the corporate office can even access tenant files without the property manager's intervention or knowledge.

Call Center

From one centralized location, or from multiple corporate call centers, sales agents can help prospective customers select and reserve a unit at any storage location. They can process payments and deposits by credit card, and immediately direct that money into the property's merchant account or a master corporate account. Agents can even perform complete tenant move-ins or reservations, and the information at the site is updated immediately. Tenant account records are updated instantly and reflect the latest call-center activity. Each agent's work is in "real time" and does not require any action on the part of property managers. Likewise, all work done by the property managers is instantly reflected at each call-center workstation.

Corporate Office

QuikStor's corporate-office software automatically prints site-specific reports on whatever schedule they are needed. Each morning, those reports are waiting for the property manager and his account representatives and customer-service employees. Reports can also be automatically e-mailed to the district manager, regional manager, business partners and accountants. The corporate-office software also includes a full suite of consolidated site reports. The monthly revenue and marketing information from an entire district, region, division or enterprise is aggregated for quick and accurate executive viewing.

To protect a business against disaster, the Enterprise Suite can automatically retrieve daily offsite backups from each facility for storage at designated headquarters. For added protection, QuikStor software can automatically back up to removable media.

Individual Door Alarms

QuikStor's QuikGuard and QuikSentry door alarms provide a competitive edge in tenant security. Both systems are true wireless and designed specifically for the harsh metallic and abusive environment of a self-storage facility. Installation is extremely easy, without pulling any wire or accessing a tenant's unit.

QuikStor door alarms provide wide area coverage and a visual crime deterrent, all within a sleek, rugged case. They are available in either a 10- or 20-year battery version. The company's management software automatically tracks which storage units have door alarms and monitors all door activity. It allows managers to rent door monitoring for a modest surcharge, typically $5 per month. This can increase a facility's gross revenue by an additional 5 percent to 10 percent. Managers can alarm their entire site or purchase only as much security as needed. Expand-on-demand security is a QuikStor specialty.

The company's support staff can even service its security systems though a telephone line. With more than 100,000 wireless alarms installed, QuikStor has the proven products and expertise to provide a reliable, affordable security solution to any size facility and budget.

Management Software

QuikStor introduced the industry's first Windows management software in 1995. This year the company introduced Express, its successful third-generation version. QuikStor Express automatically completes dozens of time-consuming tasks without any manager intervention, eliminating human error and the manager's "close of day" routine. The package offers options for automatic credit-card billing and multistation networking.

QuikStor's QuikEmail option reduces the time, materials and postage costs of mailing letters. Without any work on behalf of the manager, tenants automatically receive e-mail messages of late notices, invoices, receipts, as well as copies of any certified notices. The manager controls the list of which tenants receive materials by e-mail, postal mail or both.

QuikStor uses strong encryption and multilevel security so owners can restrict who has access to their business records. The software supports options for rental incentives, such as $1 move-in; free days, weeks or months; discount coupons; reduced rent for any time period, etc. Owners can even create additional income accounts to meet specific needs.

QuikStor understands managers' concerns about being able to use Windows and operate Windows software. Because of the intuitive design of Express, it is very simple to use. The company provides expert data conversion from a site's current management software and can train employees at a corporate headquarters and each manager's office.

Every week, QuikStor helps sites convert from DOS management software to its Windows management products. These clients experience a very mild learning curve. And with QuikStor, it is simple to add a second, third or 100th workstation at any busy property.

QuikStor has the power to integrate self-storage management, retail sales and site security. It can custom-program integrations with a site's truck rental and routing, accounts payable, payroll or other software. For more information, call 800.321.1987, e-mail [email protected]; www.quikstor.com.

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