SINCE 1987, QUIKSTOR HAS PROVIDED DEPENDABLE SECURITY AND SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS TO THE SELF-STORAGE INDUSTRY. The company offers a complete system that integrates security, management and marketing. Its proven lines of affordable, forward-looking products give businesses a healthy profit margin, and its marketing team can quickly design a security and management solution that provides a competitive edge.

For more than 15 years, self-storage operators have turned to QuikStor for innovation and leadership. To plan a custom business solution, call 800.321.1987; visit International customers call 818.922.2000.

Management Software. QuikStor has produced management software for the self-storage industry since 1987. Its newest offering, QuikStor Express, has once again set an industry standard. Built-in video tutorials, vivid screens and training mode make it easy for employees to become proficient with the software. The colorful QuikMap feature allows managers to quickly locate any unit by its status or location.

With QuikStor Express, managers can verify a customer's checking account before they accept the payment. The software also allows tenants' monthly rent payments to be automatically withdrawn from their credit cards or checking accounts. Every year, QuikStor management software processes more than a billion dollars in self-storage income. As a result, the banking industry rewards QuikStor's customers with the lowest processing fees available--just 25 cents for automatic rent collection.

Access-Control Keypads. Driveways and doorways can be secured with QuikStor-900TM keypads. In keeping with their reputation for durability, extreme protection against abuse by nature and vandals is standard. Each keypad is manufactured to meet strict ISO-9000 standards and undergoes rigorous quality control and testing. The bright, customizable display screen greets tenants with a welcome message, instructions and a clear explanation of why access was granted or denied. The integrated intercom allows hands-free conversation with the facility manager. Access-code use is permanently recorded while the covert camera quietly captures the user's identity.

Pay-At-The-GateTM is another of QuikStor's industry innovations. If a tenant is denied access because of a past-due balance, he can pay the debt by inserting a credit card directly into the keypad. Customers love the convenience and owners collect revenue instead of dealing with vacancies and auctions.

Enterprise Management. Using QuikStor Enterprise remote-site software, self-storage operators can gain instant information about occupancy, vacancy and individual tenants. They can also manage delinquent accounts, update records, add tenant notes, make reservations for any location, and even establish a centralized call center.

QuikStor includes password controls, data encryption and automatic off-site backups to ensure the privacy and security of sensitive business files. Reports are printed and/or e-mailed automatically on the schedule and to the specified recipients. This ensures concise revenue and marketing analyses reach staff, business partners and accountants.

Camera Surveillance. Operators can protect their sites with QuikCam, QuikStor's digital video recorder. The video quality is amazingly detailed at 640 vertical lines per camera--that's 22 percent sharper than a DVD. Quik-OnTM recording eliminates the lag time and tape changing of traditional security VCRs by only recording when motion is detected. The unprecedented storage capacity retains weeks or months of detailed camera activity.

QuikCam makes it easy to quickly review video from any date, time and camera zone. Operators can freeze on an image, zoom in, then print, e-mail or burn it to a CD. While an operator views prior events, QuikCam continues to record new camera activity facility-wide.

Finally, QuikCam is a powerful marketing tool, showing tenants the view from the camera aimed toward their storage space via the Internet. For example, tenants can check the covers on their boats or recreational vehicles during a violent storm. "Public" cameras can show prospective tenants what a facility has to offer via a website. An offsite, high-level manager can view all the password-protected cameras facility-wide.

Wireless Door Alarms. QuikStor's family of individual door alarms remains a popular choice for wireless self-storage protection. More than 150,000 are in service at locations of every design and construction material. QuikStor alarms operate for 20 years between battery changes and protect facilities of any size and shape, even with nonadjacent property. Individual door alarms can be rented to tenants for a modest fee, keeping rental rates affordable while offering advanced security. The company also carries wireless panic pendants, key-chain gate openers and exclusive sensors for recreational vehicle and boat protection.

Intercom Options. QuikStor offers a complete selection of high-quality intercom, music and paging options. Music, prerecorded sales messages and manager notifications broadcast across a facility at a manager's command. Intercoms are seamlessly integrated into a facility's drive-up, elevator, entrance and off-site locations to provide enhanced customer service.

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