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Construction Corner is a Q&A column committed to answering reader-submitted questions regarding construction and development. Inquiries may be sent to [email protected].

Q: We are building a parking and carport area for RV and boat parking. I currently use door alarms on my units. Is there anyway to extend that type of security to my parking area? How?

A: The answer depends on the type of door-alarm system you currently have running at your facility. If it is a wired system, you are probably out of luck. There is no easy way to wire individual RVs and boats. However, if you have a wireless system, it is as easy as adding a sensor to a unit. Select security vendors carry specific wireless devices just for your situation. Call your wireless-alarm system vendor and confirm that it does.

Q: I am going to put in a newgate motor atmy facility, and want to do it right.My contractor said I would need to use Sealtite conduit vs.metal flexible (flex) conduit? What is the difference?

A: Sealtite is used primarily for outdoor installations due to its weatherproof nature. It is just as bendable and flexible as regular flex, but comes with a PVC coating around it. There are also special compression connectors and fittings that are used with Sealtite. Metal, flexible tubing, or flex, is usually used for short conduit runs where bending pipe is neither possible nor available. Flex is not weatherproof and must be limited to interior installations only.

Tony Gardner is a licensed contractor and installation manager for QuikStor, a provider of self-storage security and software since 1987. For more information, visit

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