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Summer Shape-Up: Its Time for Self-Storage Maintenance and Remodeling

Even if you operate a new facility, theres no such thing as maintenance-free. ISS offers several articles on self-storage maintenance and remodeling online and in the July print edition. Plus, check out the new door maintenance guide.

For many, summer signals the end of the school year and planning vacations. For me, its time to tackle those long-awaited maintenance and remodeling projects around the house. While Ive been chipping away at my home to-do list for years, I vow to finish up those pesky tasks this summerre-caulking the bathroom tub, finally getting the backsplash up in the kitchen, adding insulation in the attic, and a few others. It seems maintenance and remodeling of a home is a never-ending process.

As a self-storage operator, Im sure you can relate. Even if you operate a new facility, theres no such thing as maintenance-free. Units need to be swept and driveways clear of debris. Unit doors need periodic washing, as do walls. Cameras should be checked regularly for position and quality, and so on. For not-so-new properties, plans could include updating unit doors, adding fresh paint to the buildings or hallways, or perhaps new carpet in the front office.

The key to getting things done is a plan. I started writing my summer maintenance list last week. Some operators have a year-round task list handy, listing daily, weekly and monthly chores, while create a new one every day. Either way, the goal is to cross items off the list.

In a few weeks, ISS magazine subscribers will receive the July maintenance and remodeling issue. Inside, youll find an easy-to-use tear-out task list. Use it as is or as a base to create your own maintenance list to suit your facilitys unique needs. In addition to the task list, youll find several other informative articles. Until then, here are a couple of articles from the ISS archives on the topic:

For readers looking specifically for information about maintaining their self-storage unit doors, ISS has a new slideshow with tips on preserving roll-up doors. Written by two industry experts, the guide shows operators the most effective ways to keep self-storage doors in top shape, from the exterior paint to the interior mechanics. You can view it online or even download it for free.    

While Im dreading the tasks ahead of me over the next few weeks, Im also anxious to finally accomplish a few things. Of course, a new list will then formulate. Maybe Ill call it Fall Shape-Up.

If you have maintenance or remodeling tips youd like to share, post a comment below or on Self-Storage Talk, the industrys biggest and best online forum.

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