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Storage Spooktacular

What I'm about to tell you will come as a total shock. Be seated. Have a fan at the ready.

I'm a freak about Halloween.

Yes, really. Those of you who don't know me are thinking, "So what?" Those of you who do are probably chuckling to yourself, because you know the above is really an understatement. Freak doesn't cover it. Fanatic? Maybe. Think of it this way: If Halloween were a person, I'd be his stalker.

Ergo, I anticipate this time of year with great giddiness and delight. But also with dread. Because while it's my most beloved season on a personal level, professionally speaking, it's just horrific. September launches a trepidatious eight week campaign filled with tradeshow travel and large annual projects. This year, we added several new fiends to the mix, too.

OK ... wah, wah, wah, right? That's what you're saying. "Who cares! Quit complaining! You have a glamorous publishing job and your own blog. Shut up, already." Fine. I was just trying to share. And to say good-bye. Because tomorrow I am running away to Transylvania, never to return.

Yes, really. Well, kind of. I've transformed my home into something resembling a gothic mansion for a party my husband and I are hostingdoes that count? And, in truth, I will be vacationing in New Orleans for most of next week, where the freaks not only come out at night, they run the roost. Yeeaaaaaahhhh.

But before I sign off for my week of blissful "I made it through the past two months and now I'm going to drink pomegranate martinis until I fall over" celebration, you should know two important things:

1. We launched the new ISS website at 3 p.m. PT today. Please check it out and let me know what you think. Truly, I want your feedback. You can post it here to the blog, or e-mail me directly at [email protected].

2. The 2008 Factbook is literally hours away from completion and will finally be available within the next few weeks. I know your life won't be complete until you have your personal copy, so hang in there with me.

Finally, I hope you storage operators out there are using the upcoming holiday as an opportunity to interact and build relationships with your local community. Have you decorated for fall/Halloween? Is there a bowl of mini Snickers on your office counter? Will you be dressed in costume to greet customers on Wednesday? Or perhaps you've done something really cool, like set up a haunted house for kids in some of your empty units?

These sorts of events make for fantastic marketing opportunities! This time of year, you need to don your witch hat and brainstorm the possibilities. If you do host a Halloween event this year, please write in to tell us about it. At the very least, send me a photo of you or your customers in costume!

Have a spooktacular week. I'll regale you with tales from the Crescent City upon my return. Oh, and did I mention I'll be celebrating my wedding anniversary on the 31st, too? Three magickal years, Halloween heaven, and a vacation to boot. Life doesn't get any better than this.

Happy haunting!

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